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How Jordan Peele's Nope Just Made Universal Studios Theme Park History

Anyone who knows anything about Jordan Peele understands that when watching his movies, you are in for a wild ride. The former sketch comedian blew audiences away with his film debut "Get Out." In this immersive commentary about racism in America, Peele proved himself to be a thought-provoking director. Now after the release of his third film, Peele seems to be off to the races again. Early critical responses to "Nope" have been quite promising so far. But whether you love it or hate it, there is no doubt that this is a film that people will be talking about in the weeks and months to come.

Critics aren't the only ones who have shared their ideas about "Nope." Universal will be distributing the film, which makes it only natural that "Nope" will be seeing its own franchise attraction. Given how films such as those in the "Jurassic Park" series have inspired rides and other attractions, Peele's film has actually set itself apart in an interesting way. "Nope" is making its way to Universal Studios in a ground-breaking fashion.

It is the first time a film's theme park attraction will be released in time for the film release

For a film that has been rather hush-hush about its subject material, Universal is pulling out all the stops. Right in conjunction with the premiere of "Nope," there will also be a theme park attraction that fans can step right onto. When tourists take part in the Universal Studios tour, they will have the chance to check out Jupiter's Claim, a theme park featured in the movie. This is the first time a film and the corresponding attraction will debut on the very same day.

"This is a piece of the 'Nope' set that is a sort of mom-and-pop theme park owned by a former child star in the film, so it's very meta," Jordan Peele told Entertainment Tonight. "It's on the Universal backlot tour and it's the first time anything like this has happened, where the actual set is showcased as the movie is coming out." Like all of Peele's other films, this inclusion is a commentary on American society. In the film, Jupiter's Claim's profits are derived by demonstrating a sanitized view of the Gold Rush. Its proprietor is none other than former child star Ricky "Jupe" Park (Steven Yeun).

"I am not going to say a lot, but in some ways [Ricky] kind of represents me and my relationship with the industry," Peele explained. Fans will have to watch "Nope" to get the full scope of the Universal attraction.