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Deadliest Catch Fans Couldn't Help But Crack Up At This Hilarious Captain Phil Moment

"Deadliest Catch" isn't exactly known for being light fare to watch. If anything, it will put you on the edge of your seat and your stomach in your throat as you watch brave fishers battle the elements, all in the pursuit of catching crabs. They'll venture into some of the roughest waters on the planet, and after watching one episode, it becomes abundantly clear why this is one of the most dangerous professions around.

However, just because there are a ton of risks, such as falling overboard, doesn't mean the crews can't enjoy a laugh every now and then. After all, they probably need it the most, and it's likely beneficial to have something to take their minds off of the treacherous waters beneath them. Captain Phil Harris was a master of this. He knew precisely how to tickle people's funny bones and get them to crack some smiles, as one moment from the series serves as evidence to.

Fans cracked up when Captain Phil Harris talked about crab farts

Captain Phil Harris may have passed away in 2010, but fans still remember him as an intrepid fisherman who accomplished a great deal in this life. He was a consummate professional out on the boat and knew how to get people laughing to raise their spirits. 

One example of this came in a Season 5 episode where Harris explains how he knows where to go searching for crabs. According to him, you just have to keep an eye out for bubbles coming to the water's surface because that's a surefire sign of crab farts. He explains all of this to several members of his crew, who look like it's taking every ounce of their control not to bust up laughing with how ridiculous it all sounds. 

Fortunately, fans could crack up to their heart's content at home, and they left comments on the clip's YouTube page to express their pleasure of getting to watch Harris for so many years. One user wrote, "This is my favorite clip of [Captain] Phil. When I first saw it on the show I cracked up." Someone else had a theory for why Harris would offer up this explanation at that particular time, "He must have been trying to mess with the camera guy. I love it."

In an interview with Harris' son, Josh, for Entertainment Weekly, he finally laid the "crab farts theory" to rest once and for all: "Crabs do not fart. It's a lie, for everybody out there. My dad was making a joke." Based on these comments, it's safe to say Harris' joke excelled and then some.