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The Tense Deadliest Catch Scene That Had Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

A lot of reality shows dramatize the mundaneness of everyday life. In many instances, the show follows people as they go about their lives, either finding love or working their job at a pawn shop. But in some instances, dramatization is unnecessary. The sheer nature of what's being filmed is more than enough to keep people glued to their screens, and that's precisely the reason viewers have tuned in year after year to watch "Deadliest Catch."

Since its debut in 2005, the series has followed a fishing fleet as they venture out into the open sea to collect crabs. It's an inherently dangerous line of work, as evidenced by the title of the show. "Deadliest Catch" implies there are numerous dangers out there awaiting the crew, and nowhere was that more evident than in Season 14's "Greenhorn Overboard." The title of the episode says it all, as the story depicts one of the crew members falling off the boat in the midst of raging waters as a super moon looms overhead. Everyone had to act quickly before the mishap transformed into a tragedy.

Fans were in terror watching the episode

It's worth pointing out in the clip uploaded to YouTube that the crew member falls overboard at the very end, with everyone on the ship reacting and attempting to get him out safely. Unfortunately, it ends before we see the result of the capture, but as anyone who's seen the full episode knows, they managed to get him out. While he's freezing cold, he's safe, so it's important to keep that in mind when discussing the footage. 

Still, even knowing everything turns out okay in the end isn't enough for some fans when rewatching the clip. One YouTuber wrote, "My heart was beating so fast when he fell into the water. But I have already seen that before, and he survives. But I still get really nervous." Others praised the swift action from the rest of the crew and commended everyone else for reacting as promptly as they did to get him out of the water. One person wrote, "Hats off to that crew. They are all badasses and moved crazy fast and efficient, almost looked like a drill. I would want that crew."

In the dead of night, with the waves raging, they managed to save that man's life. It's all in a day's work when aboard a fishing vessel, and hopefully, better precautions will be taken to prevent something like this from happening again.