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The Unexpected SNL Character Kate McKinnon Could Relate To The Most

Kate McKinnon was a force to be reckoned with on "Saturday Night Live." She had a bevy of impressions at her disposal, playing numerous public figures, from celebrities to politicians, including presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. She had the uncanny ability to perfectly mimic people's speech patterns and physicality to create something instantly recognizable but obviously a parody first and foremost. 

This talent lent itself well to when McKinnon had to portray original characters not based on any real people. She frequently made Weekend Update correspondents break character and laugh heartily when she came on stage as Dr. Wenowdis or Olya Povlatsky. McKinnon knew how to tickle people's funny bones just right with her outrageous characters. But as outrageous as the personas might have been, it begs the question if the actress was able to draw upon any of her own personality traits to portray them. As it turns out, there's one character, in particular, McKinnon relates to more than any other. 

Kate McKinnon relates to Ms. Rafferty the most

On the surface, Ms. Rafferty from various "SNL" sketches seems like just another classic McKinnon character. She appears as part of the "Close Encounters" skits where aliens have abducted her and two other people. While the other two characters are somber about what transpired, Ms. Rafferty has no qualms about getting as rude and crude as possible. The character became so beloved, in fact, that she appeared during McKinnon's final episode as a regular cast member on May 21, 2022. 

What may come as a shock to some people is to learn how closely McKinnon identifies with Ms. Rafferty, as she explained to Interview Magazine. The actress was asked by Charlize Theron which of her characters she felt closest to, and she responded, "I'd say Ms. Rafferty, the perpetual alien abductee. I, too, prefer bad restaurants, bad hotels, bad train rides, bad movies, and bad weather. I thrive in those environments. I feel alive." 

It's an appropriate answer, and we'd say she's closest to the character based on how funny they both are. It was difficult for other cast members and guest hosts to get through a "Close Encounters" sketch without cracking up at whatever McKinnon was doing at the time.