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Lucifer Fans Agree That This Is The Worst Aspect Of The Character

While most avid TV watchers wouldn't expect to root for a character frequently referred to as the literal Lord of Hell, that's exactly what the Fox-turned-Netflix TV series "Lucifer" asked its viewers to do. Before Gwendoline Christie starred in Netflix's "The Sandman" as Vertigo comic character Lucifer Morningstar, the premiere live-action iteration of the character was the version played by Tom Ellis in this titular series. Across six thrilling seasons, the Devil-turned-police-consultant made one hell of a positive impression on fans.

As the protagonist of his self-titled series, Lucifer is many things: charismatic, hilarious, intimidating, surprisingly heroic, and infuriatingly handsome. Of course, most of these traits only cover the more positive side of the fallen angel as a character. As to be expected of just about any portrayal of the Devil, this version of the Lord of Hell possesses some darker, more unsavory qualities that fans have been quick to call out as a detriment both to himself and to those around him. In the eyes of many, however, there is one particular flaw that stands out among the rest as the dark entity's worst overall personality trait.

Fans think Lucifer can't let himself be happy

In a poll on the r/lucifer subreddit asking fans to vote for Lucifer's worst personality trait, 50 percent of users pointed to the Devil's penchant for lacking self-confidence, exuding self-hatred, and sabotaging just about anything positive in his life.

"Every time he has something good going for him, he runs away from it," u/paganutevs commented on the poll. The user gave several examples, such as when Lucifer distances himself from love interest Chloe Decker (Lauren German) by disappearing after her near-fatal incident in Season 2, Episode 14. They continued: "I know that he thinks he does the right thing and has good justifications for his actions, but I still can't get over it."

Lucifer's path to romance with Chloe is particularly tumultuous and has an ending that upset many "Lucifer" fans. However, many of the roadblocks the pair faces are a product of the former's personal issues. According to Tom Ellis, the fallen angel's inability to tell Chloe that he loves her during Season 5 stems from his past trauma. "His way of expressing himself has been so damaged over the years that that's the issue," the actor said in an interview with The Wrap.

While Lucifer undergoes a ton of personal growth throughout the series, it can be difficult watching the Lord of Hell constantly resist what's best for him. However, that struggle just makes it even more gratifying when he eventually starts to afford himself the luxury of happiness.