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Fire Force Fans All Have The Same Thing To Say About Inca

In 2015, the Japanese manga "Fire Force" made its debut, coming straight from the mind of "Soul Eater" author and illustrator Atsushi Ōkubo. The success of the manga series led to the release of its anime adaptation in 2019 (via IMDb). The storyline transports audiences into a unique universe that takes firefighting to new extremes. Shinra Kusakabe (Gakuto Kajiwara) is a third-generation pyrokinetic who lives in a world where people can spontaneously combust and morph into rage-fueled fire monsters known as Infernals who must be extinguished. Shinra is a part of a team known as Special Fire Force Company 8 and is responsible for extinguishing the Infernals before they cause irreparable damage. 

The "Fire Force" anime series has two seasons under its belt, with the Season 2 finale airing in May 2021. Since then, anticipation is growing around what we know so far about "Fire Force" Season 3. To date, more characters with pyrokinetic abilities have been introduced on the show, including Inca (Miyuri Shimabukuro), a Fire Thief who knows a flame's path by its fragrance. She first appeared in Season 2 and quickly gave fans a lot to discuss and what they're saying remains consistent.

Fire Force fans aren't exactly fans of Inca

One Reddit user took it upon themselves to start a thread discussing their dislike for Inca by using a meme implying that fans shouldn't like her. They're not alone either, as users like u/DevilShimmer elaborated on what's to hate about Inca. "She's just too over the top. Like, I know it's stupid to complain about a character being unrealistic in an anime where people have fire powers ... but she just seems like she competes with Haumea for the 'edgy cute psycho girl' thing." As a fellow Redditor acknowledged in their comment, Inca's character is a thrill-seeker that allows her friends to die for her own entertainment. But for those who haven't read the manga they may only know her evil tendencies as they're portrayed in the anime.

Inca and her not-so-nice ways of entertaining herself are the same in both the manga and the anime, so fans can dislike her in both forms. However, one thing that might be a little different from manga to anime was discussed in an interview Atsushi Ōkubo did with Nuke The Fridge in July 2019. When asked what he was looking forward to most in terms of manga to anime transition, Ōkubo responded, "In manga, it's really hard to gauge the power of fire, the color, the sound, and the movement of fire because it's paper its still images. So I'm really looking forward to seeing the movement, the sound of the fire, and the color and light of the fire depicted in anime."

With how well the flames are visually crafted in the anime, it's no surprise Inca's character, while not the best "Fire Force" character, was perfectly framed in both forms as well.