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The That '70s Show Character You Likely Forgot Brooke Shields Played

Brooke Shields is a true legend in the industry. She's acted consistently since the 1970s, and while she's mostly known for her work in the '80s, she still regularly pops up on people's screens. She recently headlined a Netflix Christmas movie called "A Castle for Christmas," where she goes looking for love around the holidays. And if you're inclined to tune into Adult Swim, you've heard her on "Mr. Pickles" and its spinoff "Momma Named Me Sheriff."

Shields has spent most of her life in the spotlight, going from a child actor to a bonafide superstar. With dozens of roles to her name, it's easy to overlook a few, but there are plenty that are certainly worth your attention. She even has quite the extensive resume on the television side of things, including an arc on "That '70s Show." She appeared on seven episodes of the sitcom in a memorable role you're bound to remember. 

Brooke Shields played Pamela Burkhart on That '70s Show

Brooke Shields got her start in the entertainment business in the 1970s, so she makes for a perfect guest star on "That '70s Show." She played Pam Burkhart, Jackie's (Mila Kunis) mother, who returns to Point Place to reconnect with her daughter. While there, she also strikes up a relationship with Bob (Don Stark), but the girls only think she's dating him to get to his money, so they try to break them up initially. 

Fun fact: Brooke Shields wasn't actually the first actress to play the part of Pam. She was initially portrayed by Eve Plumb, another actress known for her roles in the 1970s, particularly that of Jan Brady in "The Brady Bunch." She shows up in the pilot as a real estate broker, who seems to have her head on a lot straighter than the Pam we would come to know several seasons later. No official explanation has been provided for why the swap happened, but it's likely the show simply wanted to go in another direction with the character. 

Brooke Shields certainly made the character her own, becoming one of the most iconic guest stars in the show's history.