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Why The Cast Of Netflix's The Sea Beast Sounds So Familiar

The animated high-seas adventure, "The Sea Beast," dominated Netflix as the number one movie on the streaming service in the week after its release on the service (via ComicBook). The film follows the daring voyage of the Inevitable, as she and her crew, who are under the command of Captain Crow (Jared Harris), hunt down abominable sea monsters. Also along for the ride are his first mate Sarah Sharpe (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and reputed beast killer Jacob Holland (Karl Urban).

By order of the local monarchy, Captain Crow has been tasked with tracking down and destroying the greatest beast of all — a massive creature known as the Red Bluster. However, things go awry when the Inevitable gets up close and personal with the monster. When Jacob and a young stowaway named Maisie find themselves in the belly of the beast (almost literally), they learn that things are not what they seem, and the sea beast may not be the scourge they believed.

"The Sea Beast" was directed by Chris Williams, who co-wrote the script with Nell Benjamin. It has enchanted critics and audiences alike, earning it an overwhelmingly positive reception on Rotten Tomatoes. While watching, viewers might be wondering where they've heard the voices of certain characters before. To help out, here's a list of the cast behind "The Sea Beast" and why they sound so familiar.

Jared Harris as Captain Crow

Captain Crow is the leader of the great ship Inevitable, which has sailed for over thirty years to hunt the monsters of the Dregmorr Sea. Tales of Crow's adventures have been immortalized in tomes and stories which hail him as the greatest of all the hunters. He is beloved by his crew, and he has a soft spot for Jacob in particular, whom he found and rescued when Jacob was a boy.

Like Captain Ahab of "Moby Dick" fame, Crow seeks vengeance on the most dangerous of sea beasts, the Red Bluster, which took his eye years before. Unfortunately, the captain's obsession with hunting down the creature becomes his greatest weakness. It isn't long before Captain Crow can no longer tell friend from foe and is willing to make any sacrifices necessary to track down his quarry.

Captain Crow is voiced by British actor Jared Harris. Harris has been a presence in both film and television since the 1990s. He's had notable appearances in TV shows such as "Fringe," "Mad Men," "The Expanse," and "The Crown." In 2019, he played Valery Legasov in the acclaimed HBO mini-series "Chernobyl," for which he was nominated for several awards. As for his film credits, fans may recognize Harris as the notorious villain Moriarty from Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." He also had a role in the recent Apple TV+ sci-fi epic, "Foundation," and portrayed Dr. Emil Nicholas in the Sony Spider-Man Universe flop, "Morbius." 

Karl Urban as Jacob Holland

Jacob is a heroic beast slayer and the adopted son of Captain Crow. Found in the aftermath of a shipwreck, he is rescued by Crow as a child and taken aboard the Inevitable. After years of sailing with Crow and the crew, Jacob becomes a respected sea monster hunter known for his bravery and loyalty. When Jacob meets a young spitfire girl named Maisie, his life gets a bit more complicated. After discovering that Maisie has stowed away onto the ship, Jacob tries to have her thrown off, but Captain Crow takes a liking to the scamp and agrees to keep her on board. The two of them are then thrown into a surprising journey that neither of them could have foreseen which ends up bringing them closer together.

New Zealand actor Karl Urban is the voice of Jacob in "The Sea Beast," and you'll likely recognize at least one of his many credits. Urban is one of the stars of the gritty superhero series, "The Boys," playing Billy Butcher –- the man determined to take down Vought International and the so-called "supes" that work for the organization. "The Lord of the Rings" fans will know him as the warrior Eomer of Rohan, the nephew of King Theoden (Bernard Hill) and brother to Eowyn (Miranda Otto). 

Urban took on the mantle of Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, aka "Bones," in the rebooted "Star Trek" film franchise, and he can also be seen as the Asgardian gun enthusiast Skurge in "Thor: Ragnarok." 

Zaris-Angel Hator as Maisie

Maisie Brumble is a gutsy girl with an adventurous spirit who dreams of sailing the seas as a hunter. Raised in an orphanage after her parents died at sea, Maisie has spent most of her life reading of Crow's adventures and wishing to become a legendary hunter like her heroes. After running away from the orphanage and stowing away aboard the Inevitable, Maisie finally has an adventure of her own, but it ends up being unlike anything she could have imagined. 

When she and Jacob befriend the Red Bluster after discovering that it isn't the monster that it seems, they embark on a quest to save the creature from the hunting ships that seek to bring it down. Through her love of books, Maisie also discovers that the history of the war between humanity and the sea monsters isn't what they thought.

Maisie is voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator. Relatively new to the film and television industry, Hator got her start in theater. In 2016, Hator played the titular role in "Matilda the Musical" in London's West End (via Tresa). Hator's first on-screen role was in the ITV series "Victoria," followed by her role as Young Kate in the BBC Two drama "Black Earth Rising." Other credits include the TV movie "The Midnight Gang," and her guest star appearance in the British detective series "Endeavour," a prequel to the popular, long-running drama, "Inspector Morse." Hator can also be seen playing Anna in the film "Morbius."

Jim Carter as the King

"The Sea Beast" takes place in a fictional kingdom called Three Bridges which mirrors the buccaneering era of the 17th and 18th centuries. Historically, many sovereigns would commission real pirates to become privateers during times of war, and similarly, the sea beast hunters in the movie are commissioned by the monarchy of this land. The king and queen live comfortably in their ivory tower while they send out ships to brave the treacherous seas and dispose of the monsters in their depths. 

The king and queen of Three Bridges live in Castle Whiterock, a grand palace that stands as a testament to the might of the kingdom and its survival during the war against the beasts of the Dregmorr Sea. Though there is a period known as the Dark Times that is often mentioned during the events of "The Sea Beast," the details of the era are often left vague. All we know is that, according to the royal records, the sea monsters began to attack the population without provocation, thus inciting a war between man and beast. However, it is eventually discovered that the royals may have twisted the truth of the war.

The voice of the King in the movie is actor Jim Carter. Carter has had a long career in British film and television that goes back to the 1980s. In 1998, he appeared in the Oscar-winning period romance "Shakespeare in Love," and in 2000 he appeared in two family-friendly films, "The Little Vampire" and "102 Dalmatians." In 2004, he lent his voice to an ogre named Nish in the fantasy comedy "Ella Enchanted." Fans may also know him as the loyal butler, Mr. Charles Carson, in the British period drama series "Downton Abbey."

Doon Mackichan as the Queen

After killing a particularly hardy monster called a Brickleback, Captain Crow and his crew take their trophy to Castle Whiterock to present their findings to the king and queen. The capital is a wondrous sight, built on the water with the golden towers of the castle at its center. The interior of the palace is decorated with the skeletons of various sea monsters on proud display. 

Despite their generous haul, the Queen is unhappy with the lack of progress from the Inevitable, as she points out that the Red Bluster, the most dangerous beast of all, is still roaming free. As a result, she threatens to take away the Crown's support for the hunters, earning outrage from Crow. It is only thanks to Jacob's intervention that Crow isn't thrown into prison at the Queen's command.

The Queen in "The Sea Beast" is played by Doon Mackichan, an actor and writer who is a well-known comedian on British television. The Guardian notes that she was one of the creators and stars of the acclaimed BBC Channel 4 sketch comedy series, "Smack the Pony." Mackichan also appeared in many other British TV comedies, including "Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge," "The Day Today," "Toast of London," and "Plebs." A few may remember her role in the 1997 family film "The Borrowers" as Victoria Lender.  

Dan Stevens as Admiral Hornagold

Dissatisfied by Captain Crow's failure to catch the Red Bluster, the king and queen take matters into their own hands. They give the task over to Admiral Hornagold of the Royal Navy, who oversees the sea vessel the Imperator. Hornagold is an arrogant fop who detests Crow and is insistent that the time of hunters is over. To avoid a fight between the monarchs and Captain Crow, Jacob steps in to negotiate a deal –- if Hornagold manages to find the Red Bluster first, then the hunters will disband forever. The hunt then becomes a competition that has not only Crow's revenge but the hunters' way of life on the line.

Hornagold is voiced by English actor Dan Stevens. Fans of the BBC period drama "Downton Abbey" will remember him as Matthew Crawley, the heir of the Crawley estate and love interest of Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery). Stevens also starred in the 2017 live-action adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," playing the spoiled prince and the Beast himself. From 2017 to 2019, Stevens starred in the FX series "Legion," based on the Marvel comic books "X-Men" franchise. He can also be seen in the Starz mini-series, "Gaslit," which stars Julia Roberts and gives a fictional account of the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sarah Sharpe

The stoic and fearless first mate of Captain Crow, Sarah Sharpe is reputed for her unwavering loyalty. She is skilled with both a pistol as well as a saber and can hold her ale better than anyone aboard the Inevitable. Like her fellow shipmates, Sharpe is the stuff of legends, admired and respected by all who know her. However, when Crow begins to resort to unsavory methods for tracking down the Red Bluster, Sharpe starts to have her doubts. In the end, she must decide whether it is better to be loyal to one's captain or to do what is right.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is the voice of Sarah Sharpe in "The Sea Beast." Jean-Baptiste got her start in British film, appearing in the acclaimed 1996 drama "Secrets & Lies," for which she was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. She then made her way to American film and TV. In 2000, she played Roshanda in the Sandra Bullock dramedy "28 Days" and also had a role in the sci-fi thriller "The Cell," which starred Jennifer Lopez. 

In 2002, she landed a job playing Special Agent Vivian Johnson in the CBS thriller "Without A Trace," which she continued for all seven seasons. Her other television credits include "Broadchurch," "Blindspot," "Training Day," "Homecoming," and the Netflix musical series "Soundtrack."

Kathy Burke as Gwen Batterbie

For thirty years, Captain Crow has had his mind set on catching the Red Bluster. Once the king and queen give him an ultimatum –- find the beast or lose his ship –- Crow is determined not to fail again. When Jacob and Maisie are seemingly swallowed by the great beast, Crow becomes more driven than ever, losing any sense of honor he had left.

In this desperate hour, Crow seeks aid from a woman named Gwen Batterbie. He finds her in a hut on the ominous Mukesh Island, bent over a concoction that turns out to be a powerful poison. Like the three weird sisters in Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Gwen knows exactly what Crow wants, and the way for him to get it. All it will cost him is "everything."

Kathy Burke is the voice of Gwen Batterbie in "The Sea Beast." She is an actor and a comedian who is best known for her work in the British TV comedies "Absolutely Fabulous" and "French and Saunders." She also took on dramatic roles in films such as "Elizabeth," "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," and "Nil by Mouth" -– even winning an award for best actress at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival for the latter (via Film Affinity).

Ian Mercer as Old Nick

The crew of the Inevitable is made up of many colorful characters. One of them is Old Nick, an enthusiastic member of the crew who lives for the thrill of the hunt –- and especially for the celebration afterward. Like the other hunters, Old Nick is proud to "live a great life and die a great death" and would follow his captain anywhere. However, he begins to have reservations when Crow seeks the help of the witch, Gwen Batterbie, which goes against the hunter's code. Still, there is very little that can break Old Nick's infectious enthusiasm. 

British actor Ian Mercer plays Old Nick. Mercer is a veteran of British television and is best known for his roles in "Brookside," "Coronation Street," and "Cracker." He also had a regular role in the comedy series "Common as Muck," playing Guy Simmons, and appeared in two episodes of the original "Shameless" series as the drug kingpin, Roscoe. Some of his film credits include "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World," as Mr. Hollar, and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," where he played Captain Blackbeard's (Ian McShane) zombie quartermaster.

Shannon Chan-Kent as Fen

Another prominent member of the Inevitable is Fen, a hunter who has seen their share of danger. Their right hand has been replaced by a hook, and they have scars to mark their bravery. Fen can often be seen in conversation with Old Nick, whether sharing a joke or speaking candidly about the captain's erratic behavior. Like Old Nick, they disapprove of Crow seeking help from Gwen Batterbie and worry that the cost of her aid will be detrimental to the crew.

It's likely that fans of English-dubbed anime and animated series will recognize the voice of Shannon Chan-Kent. Chan-Kent has over 280 credits to her name, and most of her work is in voice acting. "Pokémon" fanatics may be interested to know that she provided the voices of Espeon, Skitty, Roselia, and others in both the animated series and the video games. She also voiced the character of Misa Amane in the anime series "Death Note" and has appeared in several other anime such as "Digimon: Digital Monsters," "Petite Princess Yucie," "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch," and "Elfen Lied," to name only a few.

Chan-Kent's career doesn't always have her working in front of a microphone, however. She has also spent some time on camera, such as her role in Netflix's hit thriller, "You." In the show's third season, Chan-Kent played Kiki, one of the local housewives in the suburb where Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) try to start a new life. Chan-Kent can also be seen in the Netflix original sci-fi series, "Another Life," playing an A.I. character named Iara.