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Where You've Seen The Cast Of The Umbrella Academy Before

When "The Umbrella Academy" first premiered on Netflix in February 2019, it was watched by 45 million viewers in its first month. It was the third most popular series of the year (behind only "Stranger Things" and "The Witcher"), and since then, as more seasons have debuted, it's garnered steady viewership and developed a devoted fanbase. The show is based on the comic books of the same name, which were created by "My Chemical Romance" singer Gerard Way and illustrated by Brazilian comic book artist Gabriel Bá. The story follows seven super-powered individuals adopted by the enigmatic Reginald Hargreeves as children — Luther, Viktor, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, and Ben — who reunite as adults after he orchestrates his own death.

The series has a number of notable stars — like Tom Hopper, Elliot Page, and Robert Sheehan — who've been mainstays since Season 1, as well as welcoming new cast members in each successive season. Collectively, the ensemble has accrued a ton of on-screen credits, from telenovelas and teen dramas to superhero action films. Here's where you've seen the cast of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy" before.

Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves

British actor Tom Hopper plays Luther Hargreeves in "The Umbrella Academy," also known as Number One by his father Reginald (Colm Feore). Luther and his siblings — Viktor, Diego, Allison, Klaus, and Five — make up the original members of "The Umbrella Academy," along with Ben, who died as a child but returns as a ghost. In addition to the group's repeated missions to stop the apocalypse, Luther has had a recurring storyline concerning his complicated (and often unrequited) romantic feelings for his adopted sister Allison. He finally moves on in "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 with newcomer Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), who he later marries.

Fans of historical adventure dramas will likely recognize Hopper from shows like "Merlin" and "Black Sails." In "Merlin," a BBC One series following the eponymous magician in Uther Pendragon's court, Hopper plays Percival, one of Arthur's knights. In the pirate saga "Black Sails," a historical adventure drama set 20 years before the events of the classic novel "Treasure Island," Hopper plays Billy Bones, a key member of Captain Flint's pirate crew. "It's kind of what pirates should be," Hopper said of the series in a 2013 interview with Flicks and the City. "Very rural, and [with] a lot of grit in it." The series ran from 2014 to 2017, and when it ended, Hopper bagged a recurring role on "Game of Thrones" as Dickon Tarly.

Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves

The third season of "The Umbrella Academy" is Elliot Page's first screen role since he announced that he's transgender. Prior to announcing his transition, Page played Vanya Hargreeves, aka Number Seven, who changes their name to Viktor at the beginning of Season 3. This storyline does not take place in the original comics and was written in by showrunner Steve Blackman and writer Thomas Page McBee to support the actor. "I think one of the most special things about this is how it's handled [on screen]," Page told The Hollywood Reporter after the third season premiered. He also told the outlet that, in retrospect, he thought the progression of Viktor's character arc felt very authentic from the beginning of the show.

Despite being overlooked by Reginald, Viktor is one of the most powerful characters in the show. His biggest storylines in the series include him causing not one but two world-ending events with his ability to manipulate sound waves. Season 3 also sees Viktor come to terms with the death of Sissy (Marin Ireland) and the story involves the return of her son Harlan as an adult (Callum Keith Rennie).

Prior to the launch of "The Umbrella Academy," Page was probably the most well-established and famous member of the cast. You might have spotted the actor playing Kitty Pryde in multiple "X-Men" movies, Christopher Nolan's 2010 labyrinthine action-thriller "Inception," or 2017's "Flatliners." However, Page's star-making breakthrough came all the way back in 2007 as the title character of the indie smash "Juno," also featuring Michael Cera and Jason Bateman.   

David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves

David Castañeda plays Umbrella Number Two, Diego Hargreeves. Diego's superpower to control the trajectory of objects means you would definitely want him on your side during a fight. He can do anything from redirecting bullets to throwing knives with deadly precision — which is something viewers see Diego do a lot in the show. Between the first and second seasons of "The Umbrella Academy," Castañeda went to extreme lengths to understand his character better. "I flew to Thailand to train and be in a remote area," he explained to Schӧn! Magazine. The actor also said that showrunner Steve Blackman had given him an indication of where his character might end up months before he received his script.

"The Umbrella Academy" viewers might recognize Castañeda's fighting stance from some of his other superhero and action roles, including "El Chicano" and "Sicario: Day of the Soldado." Castañeda's varied filmography also includes a couple of popular television dramas, so if that's more your speed, you might know him better as Rogelio's assistant Nicholas from "Jane the Virgin" or as Jorge from "Switched at Birth."

Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves

Emily "Emmy" Raver-Lampman plays Allison Hargreeves, or Umbrella Number Three, as Reginald calls her. While Allison's rumor ability comes in handy in a fight, she can also get her hands dirty when she needs to. But the character often has other things or people on her mind. She spends most of her time separated from her daughter Claire and is also separated from her husband Raymond Chesnut (Yusuf Gatewood) in Season 3. However, the trio are miraculously reunited at the same time in the Season 3 finale.

Raver-Lampman has played a variety of characters during her career, but if any "Umbrella Academy" viewers are also theater fans, you might know her best from her stage roles. She's appeared in Broadway and National tours of beloved musicals like "Hamilton" and "Wicked." She starred in "Hamilton" from 2015 to 2017 and was part of the original ensemble cast until 2016, later taking over the part of Angelica Schuyler for the touring production in 2017. However, she admitted to Collider that almost didn't audition for "Hamilton" because the premise of the musical sounded ridiculous. But with Lin-Manuel Miranda at the helm, how could she turn it down?

"The Umbrella Academy" is Raver-Lampman's first major TV role, but she's had a few guest roles before. Like co-star David Castañeda, she had a minor role in "Jane the Virgin." Raver-Lampman played Lily Lofton in two episodes of the show's fifth season.

Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves

Robert Sheehan rose to fame playing Nathan Young in the British series "Misfits" from 2009 to 2010. The gleefully unpredictable science fiction comedy-drama series also features "Game of Thrones" actor Iwan Rheon, and "The Good Doctor" star Antonia Thomas. After departing the series, it wasn't long before the Irish actor transitioned into bigger U.S. roles. Fantasy lovers might recognize him from the 2013 "Shadowhunters" film "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." Sheehan bagged a main role in the film alongside Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. He then appeared in a string of U.S. and British TV shows and films including "Mortal Engines" before taking on the role of Klaus Hargreeves in "The Umbrella Academy."

Klaus' powers include the ability to communicate with the dead, manifest ghosts into a physical form, and resurrect himself from the dead. Klaus is quite the enigma, and there's a lot more to the character than meets the eye. Although, viewers did get to see a window to his past in Season 3. After the Umbrella siblings are forced out of their home by Reginald and the Sparrows, Klaus suggests they move into the Hotel Obsidian, one of his old haunts from back in the day. He tells them that the rundown hotel, which is managed by Chet Rodo (Julian Richings), has "played host to world leaders [like] Roosevelt, Gandhi, Stalin, Gorbachev, Castro ... and not one, but two Kardashians, allegedly."

Aidan Gallagher as Five

Although all of the Umbrella Academy siblings were born on the same day — October 1, 1989 — there's one who is simultaneously younger and older than all the others: Aidan Gallagher's character, Five. He has the power to teleport through space and time, but when he was 13, Five traveled years into the future and got stuck there. He lived in a future timeline for 45 years while working at the Temps Commission, which was managed by the Handler (Kate Walsh) at the time. However, when Five jumps back to 2019 at the beginning of Season 1, he doesn't quite stick the metaphorical landing and ends up having to go through life as a 58-year-old in a teenager's body. "The 58-year-old thing was always an interesting dynamic to play with the siblings," Gallagher told Collider. But "the writing took care of a lot of that. I took care of more of the human aspect of Five," he said.

If you're wondering where you've seen Gallagher before, it's possible you spotted him on Nickelodeon. He appeared in the show "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn" from 2014 to 2018. He also appears in two of Nickelodeon's television film specials from that time, although his biggest role to date is definitely Five in "The Umbrella Academy." Playing Five is already a jump from kids' TV to a more mature role for Gallagher, and frankly, we'd be pretty surprised to see him back on Nickelodeon any time soon. 

Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts

Ritu Arya's character Lila Pitts is a new addition to "The Umbrella Academy" at the beginning of Season 2. Lila is initially introduced as an undercover Temps Commission agent working for her adoptive mother, the Handler. After a bit, Lila starts developing real feelings for Diego, who helps her learn the truth about her past. As it happens, she is one of the children born on the same day as the other Umbrellas, and her mother orchestrated the murder of her real parents.

Any viewers wondering where they know the British actor from might have seen her on Netflix before. Arya appeared in the Richard Armitage-led thriller miniseries "The Stranger" in 2020 and starred in the comedy-action film "Red Notice" in 2021. The latter is an Indiana Jones-inspired movie in which Arya's character, Inspector Urvashi Das, attempts to chase down a criminal trio played by Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. Arya told Digital Spy that it was one of the most empowering parts she's ever had. "I loved my character. It was such a challenge to play and something I hadn't done before. I had to really find this inner status and confidence to be able to play it," she said. Arya is also slated to appear in 2023's heavily anticipated "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. 

Colm Feore as Sir Reginald Hargreeves

Colm Feore plays the Umbrella siblings' infamous and conniving adoptive father Sir Reginald Hargreeves. At one point, he was determined to make them into the best superhero team the world had ever seen, but all he did was foster their resentment toward him and each other by overworking and underappreciating them. His final plan succeeds, though. He orchestrates his death to bring them back together, which is where "The Umbrella Academy" begins. And despite his apparent death in the first episode, Reginald remains an ever-present figure in the series.

As an actor, Feore has worked in a myriad of genres during his four-decade-long career. He's done everything from romantic war dramas like "Pearl Harbor" to post-apocalyptic TV series like "Revolution." However, superhero fans might know him best as Donald Menkin from "The Amazing Spider-Man: 2," Francis Dulmacher from "Gotham," and King Laufey from "Thor." Before contributing a supporting role to the Kenneth Branagh-directed Marvel film, he'd been doing "Macbeth" and "Cyrano de Bergerac" in the theater. While going from classic stage plays to the MCU might feel like an awkward shift, experience is experience, as Feore explained to Collider at the time. "They all feel, interestingly enough, as if they cross-pollinate, because everything that I've done in the theater, Branagh is using ... so, to me, it isn't a big departure."

Adam Godley as Pogo

British star Adam Godley voices the advanced chimpanzee Pogo in "The Umbrella Academy." However, much of the motion capture for Pogo is done by actor Ken Hall, who also portrays the Temps Commission employee Herb. Prior to meeting Reginald Hargreeves, Pogo is an ordinary chimpanzee. In the 1960s, Reginald and Grace train Pogo to ride a rocket into space. After he's injured in the launch, Hargreeves uses a serum on Pogo that grants him a very abnormally high degree of intelligence. In the original timeline, Pogo remains close with Reginald, assisting him in business and caring for the Umbrella Academy siblings alongside Grace.

Though he played a small but significant role in "Breaking Bad," Godley is best known for appearing in British children's films like "Nanny McPhee" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The latter was the 2005 remake directed by Tim Burton, which starred Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, and Helena Bonham Carter. Lately, the actor has popped up in a variety of popular comedy-dramas, including "Suits," "Lodge 49," and "The Great." In the legal series "Suits," Godley's character Nigel Nesbitt engages in several comical scenes with Rick Hoffman's character Louis Litt, who are presented as two halves of the same coin but are in constant competition with each other.

Jordan Claire Robbins as Grace

Aside from "The Umbrella Academy," the Bermudian Canadian Jordan Claire Robbins only has a few TV credits to her name. She played Jamie Plum in an episode of "Supernatural" and Velma Charlet in an episode of "iZombie." Eagle-eyed movie fans might have also spotted Robbins' appearance in "Anon," the science fiction thriller starring Amanda Seyfried, Clive Owen, and Robbins' "Umbrella Academy" co-star Colm Feore.

In the Netflix superhero series, Robbins plays Grace, a robot who Reginald created to care for his adopted children. She's "mom" to the Umbrella siblings, even though they know she's a robot. However, Season 2 reveals that there was another version of Grace in the 1960s who Reginald loved and used as the basis for his eventual robot version of Grace. Robbins played both and has said she got a kick out of the duality of the endeavor. "I found this Human Grace really endearing — a charming brainiac who's passionate about science, a real trailblazer as a woman working amongst men, who also knows how to throw on a pair of heels and hold her own at a party," Robbins explained to CBR. "Getting to play in this world was really fun for me," she added. A third version of Grace is also introduced in Season 3's new timeline.

Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves

Justin H. Min is yet another actor who has played multiple versions of the same character on "The Umbrella Academy." Min plays Ben Hargreeves, who was the Umbrella's Number Six in the original timeline. However, after the timeline changes at the end of Season 2, he becomes Sparrow Number Two and appears as a much harsher version of Ben than the audience is used to seeing.

Before becoming a series regular in "The Umbrella Academy," Min played a completely different character in the 2019 romantic-comedy miniseries "Dating after College." He portrayed graduate Cameron opposite Olivia Liang's Wendy in the romantic and comedic web series. While filming "The Umbrella Academy," the actor also found time to star in the metaphysical science fiction drama "After Yang" alongside Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, and Haley Lu Richardson. He also starred in an episode of "New Amsterdam" as the distressed son of a terminally ill patient.

Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane Hargreeves

Genesis Rodriguez has a varied filmography that includes numerous movie and TV credits. Viewers might have spotted her in supporting roles in popular comedy films like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and "Identity Thief," after she transitioned to Hollywood from telenovelas. Rodriguez might also look familiar to science fiction fans, who may have spotted her in "Time After Time." However, arguably her biggest TV role before "The Umbrella Academy" was playing Kiefer Sutherland's protégé in "The Fugitive," a remake and update of the 1963 series and 1993 film. In an interview with FabTV, she explained that she learned so much from Sutherland. "Just to be able to see Kiefer do what he does best and watch him was wonderful because it just got you into the scene and it just flowed. You watch, you listen, you learn, and you just go."

Rodriguez joined the cast of "The Umbrella Academy" in January 2021 as Sloane Hargreeves – Sparrow Number Five. As the third season unfolds, viewers discover she's not quite as quick to attack as her fellow Sparrows and yearns to see the world beyond the academy. However, the timing of her change of heart is admittedly not ideal due to the looming apocalypse. Despite the Umbrella versus Sparrow politics of the season, Sloane ends up falling for Luther and the pair marry in Episode 8, titled "Wedding at the End of the World."

Britne Oldford as Fei Hargreeves

"The Umbrella Academy" viewers might recognize Season 3 newcomer Britne Oldford from her previous TV credits. After she starred in the first "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff, "Ravenswood," Oldford portrayed Shawna Baez, aka Peek-a-Boo in "The Flash" and Claudia Murphy in "Blindspot." Any eagle-eyed movie fans might have also spotted her playing the barista who learns to defy her NPC programming in Ryan Reynolds' action-comedy "Free Guy."

In "The Umbrella Academy" she plays Fei Hargreeves, Sparrow Number Three. Genesis Rodriguez, Justin Cornwell, Jake Epstein, Cazzie David, Justin H. Min, and Oldford complete the acting talent behind the Sparrow Academy. Viewers might recognize Cornwell, who plays Sparrow Number One, as Young Jeronicus from Netflix's Christmas musical "Jingle Jangle," while Epstein is best known for his TV roles including Brian Altman on the legal drama "Suits." Viewers might also know Cazzie David from some of her previous television roles, which include starring in "Eighty-Sixed," a series she also wrote and directed.

Javon Wanna Walton as Stan

The Sparrow Academy was the biggest unknown factor going into Season 3, but one of the biggest reveals of the season is the introduction of Javon "Wanna" Walton's character, Stan. At the beginning of the season, Lila appears with Stan in tow, tells Diego she's been gone for 10 years, and that Stan is their son. Later, as Diego and Stan start to bond, Lila reveals that Stan is not, in fact, their son, and she's been playing a prank on him this whole time. Walton's character goes along with the ruse, though. Diego and Stan even engage in a little father-son knife-throwing bonding against the Sparrows.

Before Season 3 dropped on Netflix, Walton teased to Entertainment Weekly that viewers would never guess who his character was. "It is too random for people to be able to leak it, but it's a really lovable character and I can't wait for you all to see," he said. And he was right. Nobody saw that twist coming.

Walton launched his career playing Ashtray on "Euphoria" from 2019 to 2022. Playing the 13-year-old drug dealer was his first acting role, but it wasn't long before he bagged another part. Walton played Grant in the science fiction drama "Utopia" in 2020.