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John Boyega Just Dropped A Major Attack The Block 2 Update

A long time ago, in a council estate far, far away, John Boyega had a close encounter ... well before he even found himself running around in the "Star Wars" franchise shouting "Rey!" a lot. Joe Cornish's "Attack the Block" saw him in his breakout role as Moses, the leader of a gang of South London kids who have to fight for their lives after aliens crash land near their homes. From there, an "Assault on Precinct 13"-meets-"Critters" hybrid unfolded, one that sent Boyega's career into the stratosphere from what was an incredible first-time movie role. Not surprisingly, fans have wanted to see him back in that world ever since.

Thankfully, our wish was granted when it was confirmed in May 2021 (via Deadline) that Boyega would be reprising his role as Moses for "Attack the Block 2" and that Joe Cornish would be back to both write and direct the sequel, as well. Since then, details have been as hidden as an intergalactic gorilla-type alien, with no cast or confirmed dates for production or release. Thankfully, a recent update from Boyega himself has arrived to put us at ease, ensuring that the necessary steps are being taken to get us back to the block as soon as possible.

Boyega has been in the lab with Joe Cornish for Attack the Block 2

While attending the premiere of Daniel Kaluuya-starring "Nope" this week, Deadline (via Twitter) got some more info from Boyega concerning what level he was on so far when it came to stepping back into the shoes of his former hero, Moses. "We're in the lab. We're cooking, we're cooking. I sat down with Joe Cornish just literally a few weeks ago. So expect some news soon," he promised, expressing enthusiasm to reprise the role he brought to life ten years ago. "We're still in development, but we're cooking something real sweet. We'll have something soon."

It might still be in its infancy but having Boyega and Cornish together again working on this is something to stay excited about. The film was a huge first for both parties back in 2011, earning critical praise not only for Boyega's big screen debut but also Cornish's initial turn in the director's chair before he went on to helm Arthurian modern adventure, "The Kid Who Would Be King." That was also after he'd played a part in writing Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin," and Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" that admittedly never came to pass, but still crawled into the version we got from Peyton Reed. 

With illustrious careers developing for both since that one dark night on a council estate, we can only expect good things when they finally head back on the block.