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FBI: Most Wanted Recruits A Chicago Fire Alum For Season 4

The success of the CBS procedural "FBI" has led to two spin-off series: "FBI: Most Wanted," which launched in 2020, and "FBI: International," which followed in 2021. While the parent series focuses on threats to New York City and the country as a whole, "FBI: Most Wanted" focuses on the Fugitive Task Force, which goes after individuals on the FBI's Most Wanted list (via IMDb).

Despite its relatively short run, the show has seen a number of characters depart "FBI: Most Wanted." One of the most prominent exits is Agent Clinton Skye (played by Nathaniel Arcand), who moves to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Agent Ivan Ortiz (played by Miguel Gomez) takes Agent Skye's place on the team and becomes a prominent character throughout Seasons 2 and 3. Fans of the show, however, were no doubt surprised by Agent Ortiz's big decision in the Season 3 finale. On the episode, titled "A Man Without a Country," Ortiz opts to leave the Fugitive Task Force and decided to return to Los Angeles due to his father's worsening health. This development was written in tandem with Gomez's exit from the series (via Deadline).

"FBI: Most Wanted" has now found its newest cast member, a familiar face to "Chicago Fire" fans, to join the show in Season 4.

Edwin Hodge will join the show in Season 4

Per a July 18 TVLine report, Edwin Hodge will be stepping in to fill the void left by the departure of Miguel Gomez's Agent Ivan Ortiz. Hodge will play Ray Cannon, a former junior detective in New Orleans whose father was also an FBI agent. Cannon was working with the Violent Crimes office in Albany prior to joining the Fugitive Task Force.

Hodge is no stranger to procedurals, as his IMDb profile reminds us. His first major recurring role came in the Fox legal dramedy "Boston Public," where he plays Jamaal Crenshaw. Over the years, he has appeared in guest turns on hit shows such as "Bones," "CSI: Miami," "The Mentalist," and "NCIS: Los Angeles." One of his most prominent roles to date, however, has been in the NBC series "Chicago Fire," where he plays Rick Newhouse, a member of Squad 3 at the famous Firehouse 51. Joining late in Season 2, Newhouse transfers to another firehouse in the middle of Season 3. In another fitting connection, "Chicago Fire" and "FBI: Most Wanted" are both produced by Dick Wolf, according to IMDb.

Hodge was most recently seen on the short-lived CBS medical procedural "Good Sam," where he plays Malcolm Kingsley. He also appears opposite Chris Pratt in the science fiction action film "The Tomorrow War" as Dorian.