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The Biggest Bid On The Price Is Right That Actually Won

Throughout the 50 seasons of "The Price is Right," contestants have enjoyed unforgettable moments playing games like Plinko, spinning the Big Wheel, and taking home a slew of lavish prizes in the final showcase. But to have a shot at these experiences, they need to make it past Contestant's Row (aka Bidder's Row), where they must bid on an item without surpassing the actual retail price. In fact, this part of the show boasts some of the most shocking "The Price is Right" moments. 

During the 34th season, a contestant named Johanna left host Bob Barker speechless when she bid a whopping $9,999 for a popcorn machine. Though she didn't advance to the next round, Barker joked that he'd sell her a popcorn maker for only $9,000. Then there was Jose and his lucky bid on a Horizon Fitness elliptical trainer. After another contestant locked in $1,000, Jose made a guess of $999. A buzzer sounded, meaning one of them guessed the exact price. Barker had little faith in Jose's bid: "I do not believe in all of the history of 'The Price is Right' that has happened. You realize that the odds are really against you then, Jose. After all, we have been on for 35 years and it has never happened. Often I have told contestants that that is not a good bid." However, Jose came out victorious.

While Johanna and Jose remain some of the most memorable bidders, one man made Contestant's/Bidder's Row history with the biggest bid ever made.

A youth pastor from California made history with a bid of $1 million

In 2008, Brian, a youth pastor from Corona, California, made "The Price is Right" history by bidding $1 million. As he exclaimed, "Put it up there!," host Drew Carey informed him that there wasn't enough room for all of the numbers. Nonetheless, Carey was impressed and told the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen, he's going for the highest bid ever on 'The Price is Right.'" Carey even repeated the bid with a pinky-to-the-lips Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) impersonation from "Austin Powers."

Brian shared in a post-show interview the reason behind his bid. "I just promised everybody in church that if I got called up, I would say $1 million," he said. "So I had to fulfill my promise." Though Brian had to provide a more realistic bid of $1,300, it was a good one and he advanced to play Pathfinders and take home a car. His luck continued on the Big Wheel, where he not only hit $1 but also earned a $10,000 bonus by landing on a green space. Brian then won a second car in the final showcase. 

For others who dream of someday playing "The Price is Right," Brian, a self-described extrovert, urged potential contestants not to overthink it. He said, "Be happy and have a good time." This father of two also praised Carey for being the "coolest guy in the world" and quoted 1 Corinthians 13. "During the break, he asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was a pastor and he just started laughing," reflected Brian. "He said, 'You could've said Jesus, you could've said love, you could've said read your Bible, and you said $1 million.'"