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American Pickers' Robbie Wolfe Owns Another Business Unrelated To Picking

Since 2010, History's "American Pickers" has been a household name. The wholesome series follows an ambitious pair of hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, as they scour the nation's most tucked away nooks and crannies in search of old American treasure. With the treasure being anything from old signage, toys, or even a few pairs of nearly 100-year-old Levi's. That's not where the hunt ends, though, as the show doesn't go without educating viewers on the items and their impact on American history.

Now "American Pickers" is on Season 23, and Robbie Wolfe has replaced Fritz as his brother's co-host. The show's premise remains the same — find hidden gems from America's past, and bring them back to their antique store, Antique Archeology, to find a new forever home, most likely with a collector. While he wasn't always co-host of "American Pickers," Robbie Wolfe has kept himself busy and is an entrepreneur outside his life of picking. In fact, the career he's dedicated so much of his life toward isn't related to picking at all.

Robbie Wolfe has owned a landscaping business for years

Robbie Wolfe is a busy guy, and not just because of "American Pickers." Through an active presence on social media via platforms like LinkedIn, it turns out that he actually has his own landscaping business that he runs in Iowa called R.J. Wolfe and Sons, Inc. According to the company's LinkedIn page, they've been up and running for twenty-six years, transforming outdoor spaces for their clients. So apparently, if you need landscaping done in Iowa, someone from "American Pickers" just might show up. Or at least someone employed by him.

Running a successful business and being the co-host of a hit television show that requires a lot of traveling is not for the faint of heart. However, it seems Robbie has boundless energy at his disposal. Or at least that's how his brother and co-host, Mike Wolfe describes him in an interview with History, transcribed on Outsider. "My brother is really incredible. He's always wearing me out. He's always on a pick, or he's at a soccer game, or he's running another business that he has." To keep up with everything Robbie Wolfe has going on in his life not only takes a lot of energy but a lot of passion as well. That passion is part of why "American Pickers" is doing better than a lot of people may think, even in Season 23.