Why Some Simpsons Fans Wouldn't Want To Meet Lisa In Real Life

"The Simpsons" has been entertaining viewers for over 30 years, and every member of the eponymous family is well-known in pop culture circles across the globe. They also bring their own quirks and personality traits to the table, which can provide laughs and frustration in equal measure. Homer is a lazy, donut-loving dimwit who just wants to drink beer and watch television. Marge, meanwhile, is the ultimate mom and the heart of the family. Bart is a popular troublemaker who popularized phrases like "eat my shorts." And Maggie is an infant who just wants to chew on her red pacifier.

Lisa, on the other hand, is arguably the most interesting main character on the long-running animated sitcom. The conscientious eight-year-old is strong-willed, intelligent, and driven by admirable convictions. Through Lisa, "The Simpsons" has delved into some weighty issues, ranging from environmentalism to politics. Beyond that, she's an everyday child who experiences things that most viewers can relate to, which makes her stand out in a town that's full of bizarre characters.

There's no denying that Lisa's admirable and relatable qualities have painted her in a positive light "The Simpsons" throughout the years. That said, there are aspects of her character that make her off-putting in the eyes of some fans of the show.

Some Simpsons fans think Lisa is too self-righteous

Some fans of "The Simpsons" believe that Lisa's values make her one of the more likable characters on the show. However, there are viewers who think that she's arrogant and insincere, with one Reddit user describing the eight-year-old as a "virtue signaler and a social justice warrior with no actual convictions or likable personality traits." The Redditor went on to list examples of some Lisa moments on "The Simpsons" that highlighted her questionable qualities, including the time she daydreamed of impaling Bart with the Nobel Peace Prize and chuckling afterward. The post concluded with the user calling Lisa a "self-righteous hypocrite" who doesn't practice what she preaches. 

This sentiment was echoed by other fans of the show, some of whom believe that Lisa uses her intelligence to drag her loved ones. The "Bart vs Hamster" episode was cited as a key example of her displaying such behavior. "Lisa literally treats Bart like a meaningless test subject and degrades him in pseudo-intellectual rants the whole episode, just so she can feel good about herself," u/AttorneyMobile2373 wrote.

Of course, "The Simpsons" pokes fun at every character to some degree. Most of them are depicted as flawed people who are supposed to be judged and mocked from time to time. However, u/Gjdowo thinks that Lisa is the only character whose annoying qualities don't provide much in the way of good humor. "Lisa is just an awful person and most of the time it is not funny. It's just irritating."