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The Simpsons Fans Agree This Out-Of-Character Lisa Scene Is Way Too Cringe-Inducing

Every member of the Simpson family has a role to play. Homer's the dim-witted provider, while Marge actually offers some parental guidance to the children. Bart's the troublemaker, Maggie's the quiet one, and Lisa's the intelligent do-gooder. While the rest of the family, and much of Springfield for that matter, don't necessarily care what happens to the rest of the world, Lisa's usually there to offer coherent ideas on how actually to make the planet a better place, from environmentalism to getting people involved in politics. 

No matter the issue, Lisa's typically on the right side of it. Then again, there are times when Lisa makes the rare grave error. This includes the time in Season 14's "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" when she led Clara down the wrong path just so that she could have a boy all to herself. But that was personal. Surely, Lisa would never do anything to go against her long-standing social beliefs, such as finding herself praising a massive corporation, right?

Fans found Lisa's praise of Disney ill-suited

"The Dark Knight" contains the following line: "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Lisa could've taken something to heart from that piece of dialogue.

Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, "The Simpsons" have been under the Mouse House's thumb, and while that doesn't stop the show from poking fun at its new boss from time to time on the series, in other instances, it can lead to downright cringey moments. One of those beats in the latter category came with the Disney+ short, "Plusaversary." In the Disney+ exclusive, the residents of Springfield party with classic Disney characters, and at one point, Lisa enters the picture to sing the company's praises.

It's a little out of character for Lisa, who's usually skeptical of blindly following corporate overlords, but she has no problem with lyrics like "Streaming's a dream for Disney / All content in one place." "Simpsons" fans took notice and filled the comment section with words decrying Lisa's pro-corporation stance. One user wrote, "There's nothing as grim as Lisa Simpson, of all characters, praising a large corporation's streaming platform." Someone else wrote, "This is the most [soulless] Simpsons has been ever." Hopefully, in the coming seasons, "The Simpsons" gets some of its credibility back.