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Bones Fans Love This Scene That Features One Of Booth's Biggest Flexes

During its 12-season primetime run on Fox, the hit procedural drama "Bones" served as a sort of one-stop shop for folks in search of a few good laughs, some stomach-churning gore, and a whole lot of heart wrapped up in their murder mystery of the week. And with each new corpse, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and her partner, FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), typically found themselves on the hunt for a new killer. Over the years, "Bones" did better than most at keeping things interesting in terms of its villains. That was especially true of cases that put Bones and Booth on the trail of a serial killer, with each using a mix of piercing intellect and good, old-fashioned detective work to bring such monsters to justice.

They did so with a fair amount of arrogance too, however, and Booth, in particular, liked to show off whenever he brought down a bad guy or gal. Subtlety was never really Booth's forte, of course. This is, after all, the character who walked around sporting a belt buckle that read "Cocky" in the early days of "Bones," in a not so sly nod to his own persona (per Entertainment Weekly). As brash as Booth could be, he was particularly cocky in scenes where he knew he was about to bring one of those baddies down. That's exactly what Booth was out to do in one scene "Bones" fans continue to adore more than a decade after it aired.  

Booth slyly out-witting Broadsky is a favorite moment for some in the Bones fandom

That scene comes during Season 6 of "Bones," which finds the Jeffersonian team on the trail of Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo), a sniper who publicly murders Heather Taffet (Dierdre Lovejoy), aka the Gravedigger killer (who is a popular fan pick for best "Bones" villain), during her appeals trial. Turns out, Seeley Booth knows Broadsky from his military days, which makes the matter personal — even more so when the agent finds out the killer is hiding out on an isolated plot of land he purchased in Booth's name.

It's there that the two reconnect in the episode titled "The Bullet in the Brain." And that fateful encounter, in which Booth flaunts Broadsky's glaring tactical error, is one Reddit user u/ClassyDesigns listed as their favorite in a recent thread, noting, "The one that pops to my mind right now, is when Booth is hunting Broadsky and they end up on some land. Broadsky – 'You can't hop the fence, you need a warrant.' Booth – hops the fence 'I don't need a warrant, this land belongs to Seeley Booth.'"

Booth naturally delivers that line with his signature smirk, itself a brilliant counterpoint to the overconfident Broadsky's stunned reaction at his oversight. For u/TemporalAlchemy, Broadsky's expression is precisely what makes the scene so memorable, "Ah man the look on Broadsky's face when Booth says that – such a great 'awwww sh****t, you in trouble now!' moment!" Of course, things don't exactly go Booth's way in his pursuit of Broadsky. But it remains an all-time flex for a "Bones" character who had more than a few over the years.