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American Vandal Renewed For Season 2 On Netflix

The investigation will continue for at least another season. But will there be a new crime?

Netflix announced the hit true-crime mockumentary American Vandal will be back for another eight episodes in 2018. Check out the new teaser above.

An obvious satire to the acclaimed Netflix series Making a Murderer and The Keepers, American Vandal centers on the aftermath of a high school prank that left 27 faculty cars vandalized with graffiti penises. During the first season, aspiring documentary filmmaker Peter Maldanaldo (Tyler Alvarez) investigates the controversial and possibly unfair expulsion of Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), who is accused. 

The new teaser doesn't say whether or not the second season will be related to the incident in season 1. All we see is yearbook photos along with a voiceover that says: "You can be born into the perfect family, perfect school, the perfect life. But can you be born above the law?"

We'll keep you posted as more details emerge.