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Watch The Trailer For Netflix's True Crime Parody American Vandal

Netflix has already made its mark on the true crime genre with shows like Making a Murderer and The Keepers, but now they're looking to take the popular idea in a different direction. The streamer released the first trailer Thursday for their upcoming series American Scandal, which looks to satirize the true crime genre by asking the important question: "Who drew the dicks?"

The trailer begins by introducing Dylan Maxwell, a high school senior who has been expelled after the school blamed him for drawing phallic symbols on 27 teachers' cars. "It's just not the way I thought things were gonna go," Dylan says. "I was gonna graduate high school and get my degree in like, engineering. I know I didn't do it." 

However, the school's teachers, along with all of Dylan's classmates, believe that he did it, considering that he is "a known dick-drawer." "The evidence, it's overwhelming," someone says, before Dylan is told about his expulsion. Luckily, an amateur documentarian comes to his aid, convinced that there are legitimate arguments for Dylan's innocence.

The first of these arguments is proven by the fact that the ball hairs on Dylan's drawings are different than the ones on the cars, but the pair know they will need more than that. They soon realize that the administration has something to hide, and they set out to prove it, despite their denials. "He is trying to convince you of some sort of conspiracy and there just isn't one," a teacher says. 

The case, as many true crime stories do, ignites some fiery arguments online, with one YouTuber noting that it isn't about dicks, it's about the justice system. "They've got the wrong guy," Dylan says at the end of the trailer. "I mean, there's still someone out there." 

Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Jimmy Tatro, Camille Hyde, Eduardo Franco, Jessica Juarez, Lou Wilson, Camille Ramsey, Calum Worthy, and G. Hannelius star in American Vandal, which comes from Pillow Talking's Tony Yacenda and Honest Trailers' Dan Perrault, alongside showrunner Dan Lagana (Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous). The eight-episode series will premiere on Sept. 15; for now, read up some questions we still have after watching Netflix's very different true crime series, Making a Murderer.