New Trailer For Amazon's The Rings Of Power Is The Deep Dive Fans Have Been Waiting For

"The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has been counting down to its premiere for nearly half a decade. After Amazon Studios purchased the rights in 2017, it was initially rumored that the show would hit the streaming current within the next four years. Production started in early 2020, but the pandemic threw a wrench into the proceedings. Even so, in early August of 2021, the production crew felt ready enough to announce the official release date for "Rings of Power": September 2, 2022.

Needless to say, it's been a long start to the journey, but the buzz surrounding the series seems to point to the fact that it was well worth the wait. The latest indicator of impending Middle-earth awesomeness? A long-awaited two-and-a-half-minute trailer.

In the same vein as the snail's pace production timeline, Amazon Studio's promotion of "Rings of Power" has been inching forward throughout 2022. There was a splashy start in February when character posters were revealed. Then, Vanity Fair released an exciting "First Look" review followed by a 60-second Super Bowl teaser.

Then things got quiet. The news faucet once again slowed to a trickle. It wasn't until July 6 that another "Rings of Power" teaser dropped. This one is also 60-seconds long, and it shows off a lot more of the Middle-earth action headed our way. It also ended with the interesting final line "New Teaser July 14th." 

Guess what today is?

The new Rings of Power trailer primes fans for an epic journey journey

The new trailer sends a strong message focused on time. The past is dark. The past is full of life. The future is necessary. The future is bright. All of these concepts are communicated over the course of the brief 2.5-minute clip.

One of Amazon's biggest marketing messages for this new series up until now has been the idea of a "new journey." The second teaser literally used "The Journey Begins" as a tagline. The original teaser started with the line, "Haven't you ever wondered what else is out there?" The sentiment seems hellbent on distancing the new show from the well-established Peter Jackson adaptation (which takes place thousands of years after the events of "Rings of Power") that is so embedded in the public's mind.

This new trailer takes this concept of a new world with exciting possibilities to all-new levels. We see more Middle-earth panoramas, thrilling action shots, and a bigger sampling of the show's smorgasbord of talent. Even though this latest promotional experience gives us more of Prime Video's Middle-earth than we've seen yet.

"Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" premieres on September 2, 2022. It's a date that has been more anticipated than Bilbo Baggins' long-awaited birthday party — and it seems likely to deliver a dose of entertainment as explosive as the best of Gandalf's fireworks displays.