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Ms. Marvel Creator Has An Intriguing Vision For Kamran's Future

Contains spoilers for the final episode of "Ms. Marvel" Season 1

Following the absolutely wild "Moon Knight," the Easter egg-filled "Ms. Marvel" arrived on the Disney+ scene to give Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a different kind of superhero show. Sure, it has action and drama aplenty, but with a teenage protagonist in the form of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the show didn't shy away from the staples and tropes of teen shows. That means love was in the air from the moment she met Kamran (Rish Shah): a new student at her New Jersey school that she becomes almost immediately smitten with. However, in true comic book series fashion, he's not all he seems.

First and foremost, Khan has to confront the fact that Kamran's mother, Najma (Nimra Bucha), not only wants her magical bangle for herself but is willing to go to extreme lengths to get it. Thankfully, Kamran has no intention of going along with his mom and the rest of the interdimensional Clandestines, despite the conflict this creates. By the season's end, he also has to contend with his newfound extraordinary abilities that will likely take him a while to fully understand and harness. Of course, that's what Khan is there to help him with, even if there's still animosity between them.

By the end of "Ms. Marvel," there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding Kamran and where his story could go from here. Here's what series creator Bisha K. Ali has to say about his future.

Bisha K. Ali feels Kamran has found a home among Kamala and her companions

On July 13, 2022, Bisha K. Ali spoke to Deadline about "Ms. Marvel," the writing process behind the project, and even the already iconic post-credits cameo. She also touched on what she'd like to see for Kamran going forward, specifically whether he should remain among Kamala Khan and her companions or try to return to his home dimension. "My intention was always that Kamala and her group of friends and the Red Daggers become his community. He and Kareem (Aramis Knight) are Red Dagger. I see Kareem and Kamran almost becoming brothers in the future," she said, though noted that Marvel Studios could always have something different in mind for him.

As it turns out, Ali isn't the only one who feels that Kamran's future lies with his found family in New Jersey. Actor Rish Shah offered similar thoughts in an interview with Marvel.com, expressing that Kamran's desire to find somewhere he belongs is key. "Kamran's felt lost his entire life, despite following the Clandestines around on their mission to return home to the Noor dimension. He's been told you don't belong here. But I think Kamala genuinely makes him feel like he does," Shah explained, adding that even though Kamran may have made some poor choices and will have to tackle personal challenges ahead, he knows deep down he's not a bad guy.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues on, it stands to reason that Kamran will return in some form or fashion. We'll have to wait and see what his next steps are following the events of "Ms. Marvel."