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The Supermodel Who Dominated Her Scenes On Parks And Recreation

"Parks and Recreation" racked up an impressive list of guest stars during its seven-season run. Yes, there are those unhinged characters whose appearance out of nowhere makes light up out of sheer delight. (Megan Mullally popping up as Tammy, the second wife of Nick Offerman's comes to mind.) But there has also been Amy Poehler's fellow "Saturday Night Live" alums who've made one-episode appearances, from Rachel Dratch to Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen. Then there are the big-name guest stars swinging by to make a memorable moment, like Jon Hamm, Josh Groban, and Ginuwine. And of course, there are all those cameos from political figures, namely former First Lady Michelle Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, Newt Gingrich ... the list goes on.

By the time it was in its final seasons, it would appear that big names who were keen to appear on the show were bigger than ever, and the allure of tackling a guest spot on the hit NBC comedy could be chalked up to its quirky, yet somehow effortless charm. In fact, the list of guest stars is so long that it is, honestly, sometimes difficult to remember all of them. Not many shows could be so overflowing with guest talent that we are likely to forget the appearance of the supermodel, let alone one who ended up absolutely killing it in her scenes.

Heidi Klum plays the most loved woman in Denmark

Klum's memorable guest spot on "Parks and Recreation" occurs on the hour-long premiere of Season 6. The two-part premiere (via IMDb) follows Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) as she travels to London to receive an award. The trip also sets in motion some life-changing plots for many characters, including Andy (Chris Pratt), who is invited to stay in London for a time by Lord Edgar Covington (Peter Serafinowicz), and Ron, who is led to Scotland and eventually, the Lagavulin distillery, via a clever side trip planned by Leslie following his miserable time in England's capital.

Leslie, however, finds herself thrown a bit off balance as her imposter syndrome kicks in at the International Coalition of Women in Government awards ceremony. At one point during the event, another honoree introduces herself to Leslie: It's Ulee Danssen (played by Heidi Klum), the mayor of a small town in Denmark (via YouTube). Leslie is instantly dazzled by her. "Look at your face," she says, gazing up wide-eyed at Ulee. "It's just so symmetrical."

Adding insult to injury, Ulee is adored by the people of her town, who have even sent along little statues of her made of goat cheese. Meanwhile, back in Pawnee, citizens have made a piñata shaped like Leslie's head, and no, it's not made with the same loving intention. "Her town completely worships her in a way that makes Leslie a little jealous, considering that Leslie is undergoing a recall vote in Pawnee," said "Parks and Rec" executive producer Michael Schur to Entertainment Weekly in July 2013. Klum, for her part, played Ulee to the hilt, seeming genuinely shocked and almost confused that Leslie could be anything less than adored by her townspeople.