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Wheel Of Fortune Fans Can't Stand This One Thing Pat Sajak Always Does

When you watch a TV show enough times, you start to pick up on tiny nuances that a layperson would likely ignore. This is especially true for shows where the performers aren't necessarily embodying a different character, like game shows. For series like "Wheel of Fortune," Pat Sajak and Vanna White are simply behaving as themselves, so it's only natural that their own tendencies would begin to bleed through into the show itself.

With thousands of episodes to the show's name, it makes sense for fans to pick up on things that Sajak and White do all the time. From specific phrases to the way they move, you're bound to catch onto these aspects of their personas if you watch every single episode religiously, which plenty of people do. And according to one Redditor, Pat Sajak has a tendency to do something that apparently gets on quite a few people's nerves.

Redditors don't like how Pat Sajak babies some of the contestants

Redditor u/OccamsDragon posited a question to their fellow "Wheel of Fortune" viewers, namely, "Does anybody else hate when Pat babies the contestants into not running out of time?" The question refers to how contestants get a limited amount of time to pick a letter or try to solve the puzzle. To avoid them skipping their turn entirely, Sajak will sometimes coerce them into offering anything at all with little phrases, such as "Hurry" and "Don't want you to get buzzed out."

Plenty of other viewers chimed in with their thoughts, including u/elk_eel, who wrote, "Kinda, I wish he'd just let them get buzzed out when they clearly [don't] know it." Others feel as though the tactic produces the opposite intended effect, with u/greenknight884 writing, "It just feels like he's rushing them. I understand people don't like when contestants get buzzed out, but Pat telling them to hurry makes it worse. Maybe have a visible timer like on Jeopardy."

Considering how long Sajak's had this gig, don't expect him to change it up any time soon. At least those little phrases aren't as bad as accidentally giving away the answer to a puzzle, which he did not too long ago.