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Ms. Marvel Fans Can't Seem To Agree On What Happened In Episode 6's Post-Credits Scene

Contains spoilers for "Ms. Marvel" Season 1, Episode 6

One of the most heartwarming aspects of "Ms. Marvel” Episode 6 is the way in which it brings the story full circle from Episode 1. When we first meet Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), she is a full-blown fangirl of the Avengers and, more specifically, of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Her love for Captain Marvel is so great that she's completely covered her room in posters and drawings of Danvers, and even cosplays as her in Episode 1.

The events of the "Ms. Marvel" Season 1 finale cause Kamala herself to become a full-blown superhero with fans of her own – and we watch as she scrolls through various social media posts of her fans across the globe. Kamala's rise to fame concludes her superhero origin story in a powerful and poignant way, and it's capped off by an incredible post-credits scene that sees Carol Danvers herself teleporting into Kamala's poster-filled bedroom. Unfortunately, when Danvers arrives in the room, Kamala is suddenly nowhere to be found, leading many fans online to speculate about exactly what has happened to her.

Fans cannot agree on whether Kamala shapeshifted or teleported

The scene in question sees Kamala Khan's bangle glowing mysteriously for a moment before a burst of mystical energy throws her through a doorway. From behind the doorway, we watch as Carol Danvers stands up from where Kamala just fell. The implication of this scene is that Kamala has either just transformed into Danvers, or that the two have actually swapped places entirely. However, fans on Reddit can't seem to decide which one it is.

"I thought she accidentally shapeshifted into Captain Marvel," wrote u/justvibing__3000. "It looked more like Kamala changed into 'looking' like Capt Marvel," agreed u/Godjihyoism_. "She kinda could do that in the Comics." Indeed, in 2014's "Ms. Marvel" Vol 3 #2, Kamala displays the uncanny ability to shapeshift into an imitation of Carol Danvers, taking on her iconic suit and blonde hair (via Marvel Database). That said, most fans within this thread seemed to agree that Kamala actually swapped places with Danvers, mostly due to the latter's reaction.

"I know what happened in the comics but it's pretty clear Carol realizes she's in some fan room by her reaction and not kamala shapeshifting," wrote u/TrueHorrornet. "She was probably doing something really important, poor kamala just got thrown into a battlefield or something," joked u/Cappucino_Addict. It's clear that fans are very divided about what actually happened in this final scene, though, hopefully, the upcoming film "The Marvels" will give us some clarification.