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The Good Doctor Fans Can't Get Past This Major Medical Concern On The Show

"The Good Doctor" continues to forge its own path in the medical drama genre against heavyweights like "Chicago Med" and "Grey's Anatomy." While those shows thrive on an ensemble cast, "The Good Doctor" notably sharpens the focus on one extremely talented doctor. The series provides an intimate look inside the life of autistic surgeon resident Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), who has savant syndrome. "The Good Doctor" has been positively praised by members of the autistic community for its authenticity and empathy (perĀ Autism Speaks).

YouTuber and physician Doctor Mike particularly applauded "The Good Doctor" for how it presented savant syndrome while presenting a scene in which hospital board members discuss Dr. Murphy's condition and capabilities. "As a surgeon, it's more important to have very good spacial ability, to be able to have perfect recall, to understand the anatomy perfectly than it probably is to explain the complexity of a specific case and to be able to communicate well with people," the physician said.

While the show has been commended for depicting autism and savant syndrome, it isn't considered the most medically accurate. Dr. Ross Kopelman said, "There are still a few mistakes, such as protocols being ignored and instances when doctors aren't properly suited up for operations, but it's more accurate than other shows in terms of medical terminology, diagnoses, and treatments," (perĀ Insider).

It turns out doctors aren't the only ones who have concerns with the ABC series, as fans have taken online to voice major grievances regarding "The Good Doctor."

Fans think the physicians in The Good Doctor violate key medical rules

On "The Good Doctor" Reddit thread, user u/mathgeekf314159 pointed out how the series violates HIPAA, a series of federal laws which seek to protect the medical information of patients. The user took note of how the doctors have shared key medical history and information with non-medical personnel without care of steep repercussions. Civil HIPAA violation penalties can range from $100 to $50,000 (via Inspired Learning). The penalties can reach up to $4 million if the laws are violated with malicious or criminal intent.

Other Redditors agreed, pointing out how the unethical behavior, especially from Dr. Shaun Murphy, is distracting. "A few episodes ago with the woman with the mystery disease, Shaun ... went to the other doctors hospital where her symptoms were just brushed off, and straight SAID THE WOMAN'S FULL NAME AND SYMPTOMS IN THE LOBBY. Nothing took me out of the show more than that scene," replied u/Digital3Duke.

Another user chimed in, bringing to light how the doctors have no excuse for dealing with patients in an unethical manner. "It's a disaster, like, entirely ... but I remember the time Andrews turned in the dude that faked his cancer recovery. Which is the least Andrews thing I can imagine ever happening," wrote u/ScreamheartNews.

While speaking about patients so carelessly is certainly an oversight, it's important to remember that "The Good Doctor" is best viewed (or streamed) as a drama that puts characters first, and not a sobering look into doctors' lives.