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Deadliest Catch Fans Could Never Stand This Cast Member

When it's at its best, "Deadliest Catch" makes fans rally behind the crew members who occupy the various crab fishing boats. After all, they spend months embarking on perilous journeys through icy cold waters, navigating extreme weather conditions, and dealing with all manner of hardships in the pursuit of their goals. There have been many sad moments surrounding "Deadliest Catch" that highlight the dangers of the job, and every crew member deserves some respect for their efforts.

Of course, "Deadliest Catch" is still entertainment at the end of the day, and viewers enjoy certain personalities more than others. The reality series' fans aren't shy about expressing their negative opinions either, and no crew member is off-limits. For example, some of the show's most passionate fans have brutal things to say about Keith Colburn, and he's arguably the poster boy of the entire series.

As history has shown, popular crew members can find themselves on the receiving end of criticism from "Deadliest Catch" fans. However, there was one particular boat captain who drew more ire than anyone else.

Deadliest Catch fans had some issues with Elliot Neese

Elliot Neese is arguably the most controversial figure to ever appear on "Deadliest Catch." The former captain has been embroiled in legal drama since his time on the series came to end in 2015 (per IMDb). Of course, he also had a tendency to rub viewers the wrong way whenever he showed up in episodes of the show. Neese was prone to getting into altercations with his co-stars, and his drama didn't resonate with viewers who just wanted to sit back and watch people go crab fishing.

Some "Deadliest Catch" fans flocked to Reddit and shared their views on Neese, and the majority of the comments were negative toward the controversial figure. "He has zero redeeming qualities. I hate to say this but his kids are probably better off without him around," u/sidepocket wrote, referring to some of Neese's personal troubles that were mentioned during his tenure on the show.

This sentiment was echoed by u/DarkestofFlames, who claimed that Neese made the series unwatchable for them at times. "I fast forward through most of the parts he is on. I wish they'd let Freddie just kick his a**."

Other fans were critical of the former crew member for being immature, believing that he set a poor example as a captain. "He needs to be the bigger man, a leader, and Eliott ain't that," u/caffeineme added.

Elliot Neese is a controversial figure

Life hasn't been smooth sailing for Elliot Neese since he parted ways with the Discovery series that made him a household name. The former "Deadliest Catch" captain has been open about his substance abuse issues, which he was still dealing with during his time on the show. However, he has made significant efforts to get clean since then, which he discussed in an Instagram post back in 2017.

Neese's drug-related issues didn't stop there, though. According to SeafoodNews.com, the crab boat captain pled guilty to dealing narcotics with intent to distribute last year. The outcome of the case could result in Neese spending up to 40 years in prison, but there have been no more publicized developments pertaining to the situation as of this writing.

Outside of scandals and legal drama, the seaboat captain continues to do what he does best, as evidenced by some of his boat-related posts on Twitter.