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Here's Where You Can Stream Jurassic World Dominion Online

Despite the fact that "Jurassic World Dominion" has been harshly ripped apart by critics ever since its release back in June, the film itself has enjoyed an immense amount of box office success, having just recently surpassing over $870 Million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). "Jurassic World Dominion" serves as the action-packed conclusion to both the "Jurassic World" trilogy and the overarching storyline of the "Jurassic World" franchise, and it's become clear that audiences were more than willing to look past the film's flaws in favor of its exceptional action sequences, and an inherent sense of nostalgia so unbeatable it even made Steven Spielberg emotional. Indeed, the film currently holds a 77% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes based on over 10,000 different ratings, while its critical rating remains at a dismal 30%.

The positive audience response and extremely high box office total are undeniably good signs for the film, and they indicate that, above all else, there is still a dedicated audience for the "Jurassic Park" franchise, despite what some critics might think. As the film closes out the end of its theatrical run, no doubt there will be some fans out there who can't wait to get their hands on "Jurassic World" and watch it in the comfort of their own homes ... which you can actually do starting this very week. Here's how.

Jurassic Park Dominion will be on-demand starting Friday July 15th

According to the official "Jurassic World" Twitter account, "Jurassic World Dominion" will be available digitally and on-demand starting this Friday, July 15th. Although the announcement did not clarify exactly which select on-demand services the film will be coming to, you can currently pre-order the digital version of the film on iTunes, Vudu, and Microsoft, starting at $29.99.

While there are, no doubt, plenty of fans who can't wait to get their hands on a digital copy of the film, those who are waiting to stream "Jurassic World Dominio" may be waiting a bit longer. As of right now, there is still no news regarding the film's arrival on streaming services, although there is a strong chance that the film will become available on the Universal-owned streaming service Peacock. 

In any case, the fact that the film will be available from home so shortly after its theatrical run is sure to excite longtime fans of the franchise, as well as anyone out there who was waiting to watch the film at home on-demand or online.