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What Happens When You Call The Surfer Boy Pizza Number From Stranger Things Season 4?

When "Stranger Things" Season 4 Volume 1 premiered on Netflix on May 27, 2022, it added a handful of new characters to the already sprawling cast. One of the most endearing is Argyle (Eduardo Franco). When the Byers family relocates to California, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Argyle become fast friends. Argyle is cheerful, sometimes wise, always stoned, and works at the local pizza joint, Surfer Boy Pizza.

He also plays a pivotal role in the events of Season 4. After the military attacks the Byers home in an attempt to locate Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Jonathan, Will (Noah Schnapp), and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) flee the area with Argyle in Argyle's Surfer Boy Pizza van. During the episode, the camera lingers on a newspaper ad for Surfer Boy Pizza, including a phone number: 805-45-PIZZA (or, 805-457-4992).

Savvy viewers have probably noticed what when movies and TV have to show a phone number, they often use a "555" number. That's a series of phone numbers set aside for movie and TV use so that real phone numbers don't have to be displayed, (and the real people who own those numbers don't have to be bothered) (via Business Insider). Alternatively, whenever a TV show or movie uses a non-555 number, that's usually a number set aside specifically for fans to call. That is indeed the case here.

Want to hear a rambling message from the one and only Argyle? Call 805-45-PIZZA

Calling up the number for Surfer Boy Pizza plays a pre-recorded message from Argyle. It starts off with the same introduction he gives when answering the phone on the show, when he says that all of Surfer Boy's ingredients are fresh except for their canned pineapple. Then, thinking he's put the caller on hold, he tells a coworker about a strange and complicated pizza order he's just received. Here's the order in full:

"Brochacos, I just got another order before this dude on hold called it's super specific, like weird specific. You ready? So first, it's got to be a six inch crust and it's got to be super yellow. I don't know, don't ask me man. That's what they said. And then we got to get the red sauce, just up to the edge on the crust. So don't go over. And next they want, and this is really important, four chops of white mozzarella, three habaneros nice and bright orange, two green pepper slices, got to let the habanero sing man. And then one, just one, piece of blue cheese on top. Now I know it's strange. Blue cheese is damn near mold. But hey, have you tried it? Try before you deny bro. Ok that's all I got. Did you get the order? Yeah, cool."

That's it! Just a rambling throwaway gag.

"Stranger Things" has always been full of Easter eggs. Both Season 4 Volume 1 and Season 4 Volume 2 have tons of references to 80's pop culture, like "Paperboy," the X-Men, the "Star Wars: Ewoks" cartoon, and more. Hopefully this real-life Easter egg will tide fans over until "Stranger Things" Season 5.