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Here's Why We Won't See A Director's Cut Of Thor: Love And Thunder

Thus far, the critical response to "Thor: Love and Thunder" has been heavily divided. While some critics have praised the film as a continuation of everything that made "Thor: Ragnarok" so incredible, most seem to agree that the film is a mixed bag of both good and bad and that the finished product suffers immensely due to its tonal imbalances.

Considering how divisive the film has been, it's no wonder that fans of the franchise responded so positively when Taika Waititi revealed the existence of a 4-hour assembly cut of the film (via Collider), with many calling for Marvel to #ReleaseTheWaititiCut on Twitter and other social media sites as a way to fix some of the problems they have with the theatrical cut. Despite the immense outpouring of support for a director's cut of "Thor: Love and Thunder," however, Waititi has made it clear that he has no plans whatsoever for such a project.

Taika Waititi absolutely hates director's cuts

During a recent interview with NME in which Taika Waititi was asked about an Internet petition regarding the so-called "Waititi Cut," the director explained that he has no intention of releasing any sort of extended cut because he believes most directors' cuts are terrible. "I watch director's cuts of a lot of other directors. They suck. Director's cuts are not good," Waititi said. "Directors need to be controlled sometimes and if I was to say, 'ah you wanna watch my director's cut? It's four and a half hours long!' It's not good, at four and a half hours. There's a lot of cup-of-tea breaks in there, you don't even have to pause it."

To hear Waititi bash director's cuts in such a general manner is certainly surprising, especially considering the number of films that have famously been revitalized through a director's cut, including "Terminator 2," "Blade Runner," and "Aliens." Although Waititi said that if he did release an extended cut, it would likely include more jokes, he clarified that deleted scenes are removed because they are simply not good enough for the final product, further snuffing out any hope for fans who wish to see an assembly cut of the film.

Waititi's comments make it abundantly clear that we will never see a director's cut of "Thor: Love and Thunder." And considering his strong opinions about director's cuts in general, it seems we are unlikely to see any extended cut of Waititi's work in the future.