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The Best Couple On Cobra Kai According To Fans

Netflix's hit series "Cobra Kai" is one of those rare ventures that checks boxes for a veritable bonanza of audiences. The '80s nostalgia crowd may have been hooked from the beginning thanks to the continuation of the "Karate Kid" franchise and the Daniel LaRusso-Johnny Lawrence dynamic, but the show has a lot more to offer than callbacks and familiar faces. Those wild fight scenes are sure to entice martial arts and combat sports fans alike and the jokes are on-par or better than those found in the best network sitcoms.

If you're a shipper, though, there's truly no limit to the daydreams you can have or the fanfic you can write about the couples among the eclectic cast of characters from "Cobra Kai." Whether it's Sam and Miguel, Sam and Robby, Robby and Tory, Tory and Miguel, Johnny and Carmen, Daniel and Amanda, Hawk and Moon, et al., the series is almost soap opera-esque where its various romances are concerned. When Elisabeth Shue's Ali Mills-Schwarber showed up and looked to be rekindling something with William Zabka's Johnny, it was enough to make Gen-Xers everywhere swoon.

However, one couple stands above the rest, according to a recent Reddit thread on the subject — and it's probably not the one that you think it is.

Demetri gets the girl

With Season 5 of "Cobra Kai" looming, one Redditor shared their opinion on which of the series' myriad couples was the best of the bunch. Surprisingly, they landed on Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo) and Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane), a couple that plays on the age-old trope of the nerdy guy ending up with the popular girl. In the Season 1 episode "Strike First," Demetri even goes so far as to declare, "I don't care if Yasmine is the meanest girl at school; I'd kill both of you just to get her to spit in my face."

In spite of the formulaic nature of their evolution, there was considerable support for Demetri and Yasmine as the couple to beat out the rest. "He treated her like a person when she was on top of the world and when she was on everybody's s*** list," wrote u/Lampmonster. "Some people need to be seen, and as she matured she realized who really saw her." Added u/UntilTmrw, "I love this. Mostly because as far as back as Season 1 he's been hitting on her. She really seams [sic] to like him so I'm happy for my man [Demetri]."

Other commenters had a far more cynical take on what makes their partnership work, though. "Demitri is a crappy person in the same way Yasmine is a crappy person," opined u/Silver-Basis-1520. "They're both narcissists who benefit from having someone keep their egos in check." Either way, we're here for it.

The actors are feeling the relationship, too

"Cobra Kai" fans aren't the only ones who are feeling the budding romance between Demetri and Yasmine. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of Season 4's release, Gianni DeCenzo made it clear that he was tickled by the fact that Demetri and Yasmine were somehow able to connect on a deeper level. "It's kind of cool to see now in Season 3 Demetri kind of gets his dream girl."

The actor further opined that the pair were destined for bigger and better things on the show — though he did refer to a real-life couple that is no longer together. "I honestly think that they could be like the next Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The ultimate power couple. Because with her popularity and his brains they could rule the school, you know. I could see that happening." DeCenzo added.

Meanwhile, Annalisa Cochrane noted during an interview with Popternative that Yasmine's relationship with Demetri had been a boon for her character in terms of likability. "I will say it's pretty fun to see people actually liking Yasmine now," Cochrane said. "It's fun to see the little romance going on."