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The Adam Sandler Interview James Caan Tried Hard To Ruin

The world lost an acting legend on July 6, 2022. James Caan, the beloved performer who's arguably most remembered for his roles in "The Godfather," "Elf," and "Misery," passed away at the age of 82, according to an official statement that was posted on the actor's Twitter account. Caan will be remembered as an on-screen giant who lent his talents to a wide array of projects, but he will also go down in history as a prankster for some of those who knew him behind the scenes.

Hollywood has reacted to the death of Caan with an outpouring of tributes, indicating that his peers and fans held him in high regard. It also seems that the actor had a tendency to pull ribs on some of his A-list colleagues. In fact, some social media users have shared their hilarious stories about Caan's laugh-inducing antics, including the time he set out to ruin an Adam Sandler interview, much to the delight of those who were present on the day.

James Caan ruined an Adam Sandler interview on purpose

"That's My Boy" will never be hailed as James Caan's finest hour as an actor, but the film's press junkets sounded like a blast. Film critic Drew McWeeny took to Twitter on July 7 and recounted a story about Caan causing a ruckus during an interview session that he conducted with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. However, he wasn't ready for Caan orchestrating chaos in the next room.

According to the critic, the conversation between him, Sandler, and Samberg was disrupted by his friends making noise from the other room, which ultimately disrupted the taping. "I sit down, we start talking, and less than 30 seconds into the interview, I hear laughter from the other room. My boys. And they're really making noise. I'm mortified, but I don't want to stop the interview, so I keep going," he wrote. But the noises kept getting louder, much to McWeeny's dismay.

Afterward, McWeeny went to confront his "boys," only to learn that they were with Caan, who encouraged them to be as loud as they possibly could as he wanted to see how the critic would react. However, McWeeny found the uproar hilarious after he discovered that it was all Caan's idea. The social media user concluded the events by telling his friends that Caan was a "terrible influence" on them, before shaking the actor's hand and thanking him for ruining the interview.