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How Gorr's Daughter From Thor: Love And Thunder Fits Into The MCU

Contains spoilers for "Thor: Love and Thunder"

Gorr the God Butcher's (Christian Bale) story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins when his beloved daughter (India Rose Hemsworth) succumbs to the dearth that has plagued their planet. Frustrated at the indifference of gods, Gorr embraces the Necrosword and vows to kill every deity in existence. 

All of this goes pretty much as it does in the comics, but toward the end of the film, Gorr chooses a different path. Instead of asking Eternity to destroy all gods, he listens to Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who prompts him to wish his daughter back instead. Since the dying Gorr can't raise the child himself, he asks Thor to take care of her, which the God of Thunder agrees to do.

Since Gorr's family is decidedly dead in the comics, this is a pretty major deviation from the source material — and, as such, it appears that Thor's brand new adopted daughter is an original MCU character. Or is she? Let's take a look at how Gorr's daughter from "Thor: Love and Thunder" fits into the MCU.

Gorr's daughter may be the MCU version of Mistress Love

Gorr's daughter appears to be called Love, and Eternity's resurrection imbues her with divine powers that seem to be at least on par with Thor's. At her young age, she's powerful enough to blast Thor with scary-looking eye beams and wield Stormbreaker — and she's definitely capable enough for Thor to happily take her to battlefield against massive odds. When Eternity brings her back, the brief glimpse of what's presumably her true form before she takes her normal appearance implies pretty heavily that she may now be a similar entity as Eternity, or at least connected to it in some fashion. 

Connect all these dots, and Love may very well be the MCU's version of Mistress Love. In the comics, this galactic entity of loving emotions is a massively powerful figure who's far stronger than the likes of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) or Zeus (Russell Crowe).

In the comics, Love is a fairly abstract entity who generally works with her cosmic colleague, Sire Hate. As such, if the MCU Love is indeed a version of this character and not an original creation, she's probably been reimagined with a pretty heavy hand. Still, until we hear more about Thor's adopted daughter, it's hard to find an existing Marvel character who fits the bill better than this particular one.