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Thor: Love And Thunder's Title Explained

Contains spoilers for "Thor: Love and Thunder"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies aren't exactly known for their complex, multilayered titles. Sure, names like "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and "Spider-Man: Far from Home" are pretty impressive mouthfuls, but since one literally deals in multiversal craziness and the other takes Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to a number of foreign countries, they're nevertheless exactly what it says on the tin. 

Likewise, "Thor: Love and Thunder" seems like a pretty simple title, especially as it follows the equally expressive "Thor: Ragnarok," which depicts the MCU's version of the Ragnarok of Norse mythology. The movie is all about Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth), who reconnects with former love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who now has Thor powers herself. Hence, lots of love and lots of thunder. 

This isn't a wrong way to interpret the title, per se. After all, that's pretty much what happens in the movie. However, the title actually has far more meaning than that. Here's "Thor: Love and Thunder's" title explained.

Love and Thunder is a very literal superhero team-up

Since it's a movie about Thor, the thunder part in "Thor: Love and Thunder" is pretty self-explanatory. However, the main theme of the movie is love. From the complex, yet loving relationship of Thor and Jane to the way Gorr the God Butcher's (Christian Bale) murderous plan is ultimately foiled, most major characters in the film seek love or acceptance, whether they realize this or not. 

Still, even that's not enough to warrant the title. At the very end of the movie, Korg's (Taika Waititi) narration reveals that "Love and Thunder" is actually a nickname for the team of Gorr's daughter (played by Chris Hemsworth's real-life daughter, India Rose Hemsworth) and Thor. The God of Thunder promises to take care of the dying Gorr's kid, who is resurrected by Eternity and apparently imbued with some sort of divine powers. Together, the two now go by Love and Thunder, and traverse the universe fighting evil as what might just be the MCU's strongest daughter-father duo. 

Adding this extremely literal take on the "Love and Thunder" title after the movie's been sprinkling love-themed nuance between its comedic moments and wild action beats is a fun little touch. It also ensures there's absolutely no way of knowing what the title really stands for until you see the whole film. Now, there's a worthy addition to the ever-growing list of the most unexpected things to happen in the MCU