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Why The Asgardian Director From Thor: Love And Thunder Looks So Familiar

A wonderfully hilarious scene in "Thor: Love and Thunder" serves as part two to the same type of scene from "Thor: Ragnarok." In the third "Thor" film, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns to Asgard to see his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) — Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in disguise — watching a play about the events of "Thor: The Dark World." Portraying Thor is Luke Hemsworth, with Matt Damon starring as Loki and Sam Neill as Odin.

Neill, Damon, and Luke Hemsworth return for "Thor: Love and Thunder" to act out the events of "Thor: Ragnarok," with Melissa McCarthy joining the squad as Hela. There is also a director of the play, who some eagle-eyed viewers might notice has a very recognizable face. It might help that McCarthy is also in the scene, as the director of the Asgardian play is none other than Ben Falcone, the actress's husband. Falcone has been in the acting game since 2001, but in the last decade has really spread his wings as an executive producer and director. Here are some of his most recognizable roles, many of which involve a project with McCarthy.

Ben Falcone got his big break on Joey in 2004

"Joey" might be the sitcom everyone wants to forget, but it was a huge moment in Ben Falcone's career. The actor appeared in both seasons of the show — yes, "Joey" had two seasons — for a total of 17 episodes. Falcone played Howard Peckerman, Joey Tribbiani's (Matt LeBlanc) neighbor and kinda-sorta friend out in Los Angeles.

There was a desperation to Howard, who wanted so badly to be closer to Joey than he actually was. Howard would often go to great lengths to please Joey — something that was never reciprocated because the actor didn't feel the same way. Although we never find out the name of the bank, it's eventually revealed that Howard is a higher-up at the third-largest finance house in California. Unfortunately, he hates his job and even considers working for Joey as his personal assistant at one point.

After "Joey," Falcone would go on to nab smaller roles in mildly successful films like "Unaccompanied Minors," "Smiley Face," and "Pretty Ugly People."

Falcone joined his wife Melissa McCarthy for 2011's Bridesmaids

One of the best comedies of all time, "Bridesmaids," introduced Ben Falcone in a big way to those who might not have seen his more minor roles. While Melissa McCarthy stole the show in the comedy, one of her most memorable scenes saw her interact with her husband. Falcone plays Air Marshal Jon, who shows up on the girl's flight to Las Vegas.

McCarthy's Megan sits next to Jon and immediately lets him know she's on to him and knows he's an Air Marshal. Jon denies this, as it's his responsibility to remain anonymous. Megan continues to offer support to Jon should something go down on the flight, and her constant conversation noticeably perturbs him while he attempts to be incognito. One of the movie's best moments comes when Annie (Kristen Wiig) causes a major scene on the plane, requiring Jon to identify himself publicly as an Air Marshall. Megan shouts, "I knew it, I got your back, Jon!" and rushes to his aide.

Falcone appeared in many McCarthy films over the years

If Melissa McCarthy appears in a movie or television show, you can bet Ben Falcone is making an appearance somewhere. More often than not, Falcone's role is minimal, with him appearing in just one scene — but sometimes, it can be slightly more significant. After "Bridesmaids," Falcone appeared in 2013's McCarthy and Jason Bateman-led "Identity Thief" as Tony, the motel clerk.

In 2013's vastly popular "The Heat," starring McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, Falcone had a tiny role, playing one of Mullins' many conquests who can't get over her. In 2014, he appeared in "Tammy," playing Keith Morgan — Tammy's (McCarthy) supervisor at Topper Jack's Fast Food. In 2015, Falcone played a tourist in "Spy" and Marty in "The Boss" one year later. The actor also appeared very briefly in the critically-panned "The Happytime Murders," which depicted humans working alongside puppets.

One of 2018's highest-reviewed films saw Falcone alongside McCarthy yet again in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" He plays Alan Schmidt, a bookshop owner who blackmails Lee Isreal after she sells him phony work. In 2020, Falcone directed and appeared in "Superintelligence" which starred his wife and Bobby Cannavale. He played NSA Agent Charles Kuiper, alongside Sam Richardson, who played a fellow agent. In 2021 the couple appeared together onscreen in Netflix's "Thunder Force," with McCarthy taking the lead and Falcone playing the minor role of Kenny.

He played a schemy dating con artist in 2021's Nine Perfect Strangers

What do you know? Another Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy project! This was a more significant role for the former, who played the schemey Paul Drabble — the online boyfriend of Frances Welty. Thanks to the drugging by Masha (Nicole Kidman), Frances hallucinates and has intense dreams, most of which feature Paul.

Paul conned Frances out of $128,000, claiming he needed help to aid his sick child. Paul promised the world to Frances, saying they would eventually get married and she would be the mother to his kid — things that he always knew would never come to fruition. While we never get to see the real Paul, only Frances' visions of him, it's evident he's a real piece of work and con artist who has likely done this to other women. Thankfully Frances moves past her drama with Paul and ends up with troubled ex-football player Tony (Bobby Cannavale).

Falcone created and starred in 2022 Netflix comedy God's Favorite Idiot

Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy teamed up again for "God's Favorite Idiot" — another offering of Netflix. Falcone stars as Clark, a man who is struck by lightning and subsequently begins to glow. Clark is hit by a very special type of lightning, which grants him powers in addition to his shiny new facade. Many of those close to Clark think this freak accident is actually a sign from God.

Surprise! It actually is the work of God, who has chosen Clark as the man to save the world from the impending apocalypse. In order to prevent the end of days, Clark has to spread the word of God, much to the chagrin of Satan, played by Leslie Bibb. "God's Favorite Idiot" might not be Netflix's best original series ever, but it makes for some light-hearted watching, like most end-of-the-world TV shows.