The Frank Scene In It's Always Sunny That Almost Made Fans Physically Ill

The five friends and part-owners of Paddy's Pub on the FX sitcom "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," also known as "the Gang," have all done some truly terrible, downright obscene things over the course of 15 seasons on the air. In fact, this group has done so many bad things that we've even had to make a list of the worst things "The Always Sunny In Philadelphia" gang have ever done.

The deplorable list of activities committed by these characters includes: holding a fake funeral for a baby in Season 7, kidnapping a bar critic in Season 4, and even locking people inside a burning building. While all of these various actions surely sound terrible to any decent human being, one member of the Gang is truly the nastiest and most depraved member of the Gang. 

Of course, we are referring to Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), the adoptive father of Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olsen). As a rich, ruthless businessman, Frank already has a long history of running sweatshops and setting up dummy corporations to cover up financial misdeeds. However, during his introduction into the cast during Season 2, he voluntarily gives up his life of luxury to live in squalor with his roommate Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day). For the rest of the series, Frank only escalates his bizarre behavior and hedonistic ways, though he also seems to genuinely love Charlie as a friend and surrogate son.

DeVito's portrayal of Frank has been a key part of some of the most absurd moments on "Always Sunny," but one particular sequence nearly made viewers sick.

The meatball scene made viewers laugh and vomit

In "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 15, Episode 7 ("Dee Sinks in a Bog") the Gang visits Ireland. Although most decent people would be excited about such a trip, Frank is merely focused on the fact that he resents the presence of Charlie's newfound father, Shelley Kelly (Colm Meaney). At dinner, Frank tries to give Shelley a special "meatball stew" that contains his own feces. However, Charlie guesses what Frank is doing and forces him to eat a "meatball" himself. This is when many "Always Sunny" fans felt nauseated.

On the show's subreddit, u/HowerTwo confessed, "Frank eating the meatball is the first time the show has nearly made me puke." Similarly, u/mathandkitties responded, "I had to keep telling myself that it really was a meatball." Evidently, others had even more visceral reactions, with u/marcusmorga writing, "I gagged and turned my head." One commenter actually did get sick, but didn't seem especially upset about it: "That was so disgusting and hilarious."

Ultimately "Always Sunny" fans expect the show to be unconventional and shocking, so many comments noted how funny the sequence was too. Many commenters were so overcome by laughter that they simply forgot about how overwhelmingly disgusting the concept of the scene is. Sharing comments in this vein, u/Hawkzillaxiii wrote, "I was crying I was laughing so hard" and u/brentone wrote, "It was gloriously revolting. Absolutely absurd."

Danny DeVito loves doing bizarre gags for the show

Former Batman villain Danny DeVito is always up for going the extra mile for a performance. One other "Always Sunny" sequence that shocks viewers every time comes from Season 6, Episode 13 ("A Very Sunny Christmas"). In this episode, Frank emerges from the inside of an office sofa, completely naked and covered in sweat. Evidently, during production on the episode, the actor genuinely hid inside a hole in the couch until it was his cue to come out (via The Ringer). 

According to DeVito, Kaitlin Olson didn't expect to see DeVito's full body, and the actress was apparently so stunned during that first take that she forgot her lines. Unsurprisingly, DeVito loved doing the gag, telling The Ringer, "That was a cool idea — I liked that idea right away." 

The veteran actor is famously willing to try anything for a joke when he's playing Frank, whether that's getting covered with Purell sanitizer or dressing as a "man cheetah." Olson herself confirmed, "There's nothing I know of that Danny's been presented with that he hasn't been excited to do." And why not? DeVito loves playing the deranged but loveable character even at his absolute worst. He commented, "I've been telling them for 15 years: 'You gotta push the envelope, you gotta push the envelope. You gotta make it crazy, you gotta be that far out.'"