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Saw Gerrera Returns In New Star Wars Rebels Clip

The fourth season of Star Wars Rebels will bring us close to the events of Rogue One, and a new clip features the return of a character who appeared in both.

Forest Whitaker is back as Saw Gerrera, and he's beginning to look more like the grizzled and worn-out warrior he is in Rogue One

In the clip, Ezra is beginning to wonder about the cause of the Rebellion and as Kanan tries to give him perspective, they're interrupted by a broadcast of Saw. He blames the recent defeat on the Rebel leaders and their "unwillingness to take decisive action against the Empire." Obviously, Gerrera believes the Rebels need to be more rebellious and stop playing by the rules. However, Mon Mothma disagrees.

Saw was created for the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and fought alongside a young Anakin Skywalker before Whitaker brought him to live-action in Rogue One. The character then showed up during the third season of Rebels with the two-part episode "Ghosts of Geonosis." The new clip demonstrates why Saw doesn't work more closely with the Rebels, but it also makes it clear which side he's on.

The next episode, "In the Name of the Rebellion," premieres Oct. 23.