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Why Rick And Morty Fans Can't Get Enough Of The Story Train Episode

It'd probably be the understatement of the year to say that "Rick and Morty" is far from your typical cartoon. Following the misadventures of an ultra-intelligent yet reckless scientist and his neurotic but good-hearted grandson as they venture through a wide array of sci-fi worlds and dimensions, the show has managed to break the mold of "Simpsons" or "Family Guy" wannabe adult animated sitcoms with a colorful fresh coat of paint that has helped the show amass a hearty fanbase. Since its debut in late 2013, "Rick and Morty" has been entertaining audiences with its wide variety of surprisingly complex characters, vibrant visuals, unique world-building, and, most prominently, its unabashedly bombastic brand of humor.

Over the years, "Rick and Morty" has produced a countless array of quotable lines and hysterical moments that continue to be referenced and memed to this day. And with five current seasons and 52 episodes (via IMDb) there's more than enough material to choose from and the show has yet to go stale. Proving this further is the Season Four episode, "Never Ricking Morty" which continues to have the guts of fans bursting everywhere.

Fans consider this one of the show's most brilliant episodes

"Never Ricking Morty" acts as an anthology episode with a twist. To put it simply, the episode takes place on a train that acts as a literal storytelling device where the titular duo fights numerous characters. With its ultra meta-commentary, self-aware jokes, and beyond-fourth wall-breaking humor, It's an episode that has to be seen to be believed.

Those who have seen the episode love it. Redditor mr_zolfi created a subreddit with an image from the episode and numerous fans responded with great enthusiasm. Many of them not only praised the episode, but also claimed it was one of the series' best episodes. Period. Redditor vertigo3pc names it, " ... one of the most brilliant one-off episodes from this show. It's so brilliantly meta and yet constantly enjoyable." heckinseal goes even further by calling it, " ... my favorite episode. Most of the cartoon Bible characters are real ripoffs of Christian kids cartoons."

Others pointed out other specific scenes from the episode such as Redditor JohnRCC who calls, "Morty's awful story about Beth and Summer ... one of my favorite moments in the entire series." Redditor Iohet praises the episode's fantastic casting, particularly Paul Giamatti as the episode's antagonist, Story Lord.

One of the episode's writers, Jeff Loveness, said that writing the episode "broke him" (via Adult Swim) and indeed, it would more than likely be a tall task for any mere television writer to pull off. But thankfully, the "Rick and Morty" crew pulled it off, delivering one of the most chaotically beautiful episodes any fan could ask for. And if the episode itself wasn't enough to delight fans, the post-credit tease of a story train website sent them straight to the internet afterwards.