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Who Plays Dr. Heather Singh In Chicago Med?

TV shows are comprised of numerous characters. Even as old cast members come and go, some television characters start important and stay important until the very end, eventually coming to define the series as a whole — see Hawkeye (Alan Alda) in M*A*S*H — while other times, there are minor characters who grow to become regulars, like the Janitor in "Scrubs" going from a running gag to a major player. There's also another category of fictional television characters who appear in multiple episodes, but (so far) aren't meant to be part of the central storyline — rather, they exist to keep the TV show's universe feeling full, large, and expansive. 

For example, Dr. Heather Singh has so far appeared on nine episodes of the 2015 NBC drama "Chicago Med," but she's largely depicted as a professional doing her job: nothing more, nothing less. The actress playing Dr. Singh is highly talented, and there's always the sense that she could be a truly engaging character in her own right, but so far, that opportunity hasn't presented itself. Nonetheless, she serves as a memorable figure on the tense medical drama — and to many viewers, she might be a familiar face, for more reasons than one. In fact, the actress has been appearing on the big and small screen for nearly two decades, and at one point even starred on her own web series.

Puja Mohindra began appearing on CBS shows like Ghost Whisperer

Actress Puja Mohindra's first official IMDb listing is as the supporting character of Rashmi in the 2003 indie film "Indian Fish in American Waters," though her first few credits actually list the actress as "Puja Lalmalani." After making several independent short films, in the late 2000s Mohindra began to appear in bit parts on hit CBS shows like "Ghost Whisperer" and "CSI: Miami." 2009 saw the actress receive recurring roles as unnamed nurses and paramedics — yes, she has a history of playing healthcare workers — on the short-lived CBS series "Three Rivers," as well as six episodes of the longtime soap "All My Children," where she again played a nurse.

Mohindra told Jore Magazine in 2022 that her performances on television were interesting to her because, unlike her other creative endeavors, they were a dayjob. "I can act and go home," she said, "Someone else puts the whole show together." The actress also explained that the experience is actually much more relaxing compared to her personal projects. Nevertheless, some of her online videos remain her most recognizable work to date.

Puja Mohindra created and starred in Geeta's Guide to Moving On

Created as an OTV web series, the 2016 show "Geeta's Guide to Moving On" is based directly on Mohindra's own experiences while going through a serious breakup (via The Teal Mango). The first episode opens with Geeta (Puja Mohindra) returning to her parents' home after her fiancé dumps her. Devastated, Geeta slowly learns how to process her grief about what happened over the course of the 13-episode season.

Mohindra first created "Geeta" while in a writing group with "Insecure" star and co-creator Issa Rae, who encouraged her to develop the show further. She acknowledged that — as the main writer of the series — making a version of her own story to be shared with a public audience was a very daunting task. However, she commented that sharing bigger and bigger pieces of herself in her writing and performances has helped her feel a deeper connection to others. "The more I do it," she told The Teal Mango, "the more I discover that I am not alone in my experiences, struggles, insecurities, hopes, losses, or my dreams. I find that others have been through similar or parallel experiences, and in that vulnerability of sharing, there is connection, and in connection, there is strength, a revealing of our common humanity."

Mohindra is a grieving witness on The Lincoln Lawyer

Most recently, Puja Mohindra has had a recurring part on the new Netflix series "The Lincoln Lawyer" as Sonia Patel, a confidante of one of the victims Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is investigating. Speaking about the part to Jore Magazine, Mohindra said that "What resonated for me was the experience of losing a friend and that friend being in a controlling, unhealthy, toxic relationship." With that said, she acknowledged being a much lighter, happier person than the troubled one she plays on the show. Mohindra ultimately felt grateful to be a part of the production, commenting on the skills and passion of both author Michael Connelly and show creator David E. Kelley.

While her parts are growing and she is expanding into bigger projects, the actress isn't losing touch with her passion for telling her own stories, either, as she's currently developing her first feature film, "Lakshmi in Love." When asked about how to inspire and advise fellow artists, she said that, "Stories bring us together through their ability to reveal our common humanity. It is a joy and an honor to help people however and whenever we can."