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The Final Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Offers Fans Something Completely Different

Taika Waititi's new "Thor: Love and Thunder" arrives on July 8, so soon enough, fans will find out what Thor Odinson's (Chris Hemsworth) latest colorful adventure will be all about. Up to now, the "Thor: Love and Thunder" trailers have been fairly wacky, 1980s-tinted affairs, evenly balanced between wild, surreal locations and fun banter between various characters. This would fit perfectly well in the precedent set by "Thor: Ragnarok," if it wasn't for one thing. The villain of the movie is a mean-looking, monochrome guy whose actual moniker is Gorr the God Butcher, and since the character is played by Christian Bale, all signs point toward one of the MCU's most intense and dangerous bad guys yet. 

This choice of antagonist might not seem to mesh all that well with the happy-go-lucky tone of the trailers we've seen so far. However, the final "Thor: Love and Thunder" trailer changes all that, and its tone offers fans something completely different. 

Fans love the trailer's darker tone

The newest "Thor: Love and Thunder" trailer (via YouTube) is a far darker affair than its predecessors. The fact that Gorr the God Butcher narrates its opening moments is a hint that the time of sunshine and Jean-Claude Van Damme-style splits might be over, and the follow-up more than matches the opening. Though we still see several cool action beats that were present in previous trailers, this one has a clear narrative. Thor, it appears, is raising an army of gods to vanquish Gorr. Meanwhile, the villain is all too well aware of the failures that haunt the thunder god, and is all too happy to rub it in. It appears that whatever powers Gorr wields, they're so powerful that he considers the battle against the gods already won — and isn't above having a bit of a giggle about it. 

People who have seen the trailer have been quick to express their opinions about it, and it seems fans appreciate the raw and grim tone. "I loved this teaser, a Thor without jokes, that's the Thor that i learned to love," YouTube commenter ESGM praised the trailer. "Finally marvel showed thor's grief and pain that he has endured over the years," Hima theGreat appreciated the fact that the trailer includes plenty of nods to the many losses Thor has suffered over years, to the point that it even includes a flashback to the moment he failed to stop Thanos snapping his fingers. Several commenters also praised the dark aesthetic of the monochrome realm where Thor and Gorr's big showdown seems to be taking place. 

It's clear that fans appreciate the darkness "Thor: Love and Thunder" appears to be hiding under its brightly-colored, wisecracking veneer. On July 8, they'll finally get to see how the movie balances these two tones.