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Why Hinata's Biggest Moment In Naruto Didn't Involve Fighting

Several anime enthusiasts consider "Naruto," by Masashi Kishimoto, as the series that got them into the medium. Machete77 started a Reddit thread titled "What was the first anime you watched and what was the anime that got you into anime." In response, Reddit user Damarugaki commented, "My first anime was Naruto and thats where it all began," while both BGgungame and heartless_13 also confirmed that the ninja series fueled their love for anime. 

Though there is a wide range of characters that have captured the hearts of readers and viewers everywhere, Hinata Hyuga has been consistently popular. Coming from the revered Hyuga Clan, Hinata was expected to do great things but failed to meet her father's strict expectations. Hinata was very timid and found it hard to speak up or show her true feelings, particularly when it came to Naruto, with whom she was in love. Her devotion to Naruto inspired her to become both a more confident person and a stronger ninja. Her hard work made her a formidable ally, and she even faced off against Akatsuki member, Pain, and told Naruto her true feelings. 

Though this moment is amazing, it was only a matter of time before Hinata got her chance to shine on the battlefield. In fact, the best moment for the character comes when she managed to break through her timid personality and relax a bit.

Hinata laughs out loud for the first time

At the end of "Naruto: Shippuden," Naruto has finally realized his feelings for Hinata, and the two are on their way to getting married. In the lead-up to their wedding, Iruka Umino, Naruto's mentor and father figure, approached Hinata. He apologized to her — in a rather overdramatic and comedic fashion — thinking that it is partly his fault that Naruto had spent so long being absolutely oblivious to how she felt. Hinata reacted to Iruka's apology by laughing openly, and even doubling over slightly. 

This moment was huge for Hinata because it was the first time she laughed like this. For the entire series, she was reserved and emotionally withdrawn, suffering from, what she probably felt, unrequited love and feelings of inferiority. By allowing herself to laugh, Hinata showed that she is no longer the shy girl watching Naruto from afar. She has blossomed into a beautiful and confident woman who isn't afraid to show joy, and because she can do this, she doesn't have to hold herself back from showing whatever emotions she is feeling. She proved that she has become a strong person, both physically and mentally.