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Louis C.K. Reveals Trailer For I Love You, Daddy

The timing for Louis C.K.'s upcoming film I Love You, Daddy is either perfect or seriously unfortunate. 

Louis C.K. secretly filmed the movie just months before it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the plot seems ripped from the headlines as the Harvey Weinstein allegations and other scandals rock Hollywood and beyond. 

In the film, C.K. stars as a dad working on his relationship with his teenage daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz). But he's horrified when he learns that she's fallen for an aging filmmaker (John Malkovich), who C.K.'s character has long idolized. It all looks and sounds a lot like a Woody Allen movie, and the official trailer has an old-school feel that hints the connection is intentional. 

The cast also includes Helen Hunt, Rose Byrne, Edie Falco, Charlie Day, and C.K's frequent collaborator Pamela Adlon. Look for it in theaters on Nov. 17.