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The Best Curse Of Oak Island Episode From Season 7 According To IMDb

Season 7 of History's reality TV hit "The Curse of Oak Island" finds the show's treasure hunters continuing their dogged quest to unearth the fabled wealth they believe is buried somewhere on the small island in Nova Scotia. And while Marty and Rick Lagina and their team of engineering pros and other helpers are ever hopeful, many experts remain convinced only that the entire enterprise is a massive boondoggle. Slate's Atlas Obscura even calls the Oak Island phenomenon "one of the most incredible self-perpetuating goose chases in the world."

Nonetheless, a steady stream of minor finds continues to spark optimistic speculations from the team throughout Season 7. Is a small, colored-glass brooch part of Marie Antoinette's jewelry collection? Could a piece of rusty iron be a Knights Templar crossbow bolt? Or maybe the tip of an ancient Roman spear? Then, as the Season 7 explorations continue, a quantity of soggy coconut fiber material is found, the allegedly booby-trapped flooding tunnels possibly protecting the hypothesized Money Pit continue to evade detection, and the area known as The Swamp reveals an unidentified sub-surface anomaly — or maybe it's an ancient ship?

With all this and more keeping spirits high and shovels busy on "The Curse of Oak Island," what do loyal viewers voting on IMDb consider to be Season 7's best episode?

Fans on IMDb think Marks X the Spot is the best Season 7 episode

With a score of 8.1 out of 10 among IMDb voters, Episode 22 is the highest rated out of all the Season 7 installments. "Marks X the Spot" sees the team pressing on with their dig at borehole RF1, with the show's modern-day treasure-seekers hoping that the work here could finally punch through to the long-sought-after, allegedly loot-packed Oak Island Money Pit. Sadly, some large, hidden object prevents them from digging deeper.

But a more intriguing find comes later when a ground-penetrating radar scan leads the team to a small, slab-sided tunnel. It's uncovered on property once owned by a former slave turned wealthy landowner named Samuel Ball. A keyhole camera is snaked into the opening, but runs into a rock obstruction, preventing further exploration. Regardless of whether the rock was deliberately placed to protect something hidden further inside or not, the discovery of an actual tunnel has the team — and TV audience — thrilled. 

Of course, according to a post on the ArcheoThoughts site, the whole tunnel is likely just something like an old agricultural run-off drain. But the thrill of the find is what drives "The Curse of Oak Island," and the exciting discoveries in "Marks X the Spot" are no doubt what makes it the top-voted episode of Season 7.