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Netflix Releases New Look At David Ayer's Bright

Will Smith's upcoming Netflix movie Bright is "a story about friendship," according to director David Ayer. Ayer, Smith, and some of the film's other stars talked about the movie in a recently released Netflix featurette, teasing the movie's second trailer release next week.

In the movie, Smith plays Scott Ward, a human cop who patrols a dystopian world where humans and mystical creatures have lived together since the beginning of time. Edgerton plays Jakoby, Smith's partner and the first orc to join the police force. "At the beginning, we meet Officer Ward, and it seems to be a pretty normal world," Smith said in the featurette. "Everybody is just trying to get along and have a good life. All the races are different, but just cuz they're different doesn't mean anybody is better or worse than anybody."

Ayer said that Ward and Jakoby "couldn't be more different." "Joel is playing a character that's sort of worked really hard to get somewhere in life and be something," he said. "He spent his whole life trying to be as human as possible and he really wants to fit in with the human society," added Egerton. However, as the new footage in the featurette shows, fitting in won't be easy for Jakoby, as he faces a lot of backlash from his fellow officers.

Things get even more complicated, though, when Ward and Jakoby respond to what they think is a simple disturbance call. What they actually discover is a magic wand, an incredibly powerful artifact of the Dark Lord's war against humanity that allows someone to have whatever they desire. "It's sort of like a nuclear weapon," Smith said. "We are gonna be in a lot of trouble, and we have a lot of heat on us, because everybody wants to get their hands on it," Egerton added. 

While there will be a lot going on in the film, Ayer says that the most important thing is the relationship between Smith and Egerton. "Two incredible actors together, it's super-charged humor," he said. "It's gritty, hardcore action," added Smith. "It's wildly unique." 

Noomi Rapace, Ike Barinholtz, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Kenneth Choi, Andrea Navedo, Dawn Olivieri, and Happy Anderson also star in Bright, which comes from a script from American Ultra's Max Landis. We will get a better look at the movie when the second trailer is released on Oct. 25, while the movie will hit Netflix in full on Dec. 22.