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Will Smith Battles Fairies And Monsters In Netflix's Bright Trailer

Despite what it looks like, this isn't a clip from an upcoming new Men in Black movie. 

During this week's San Diego Comic-Con, actor Will Smith and director David Ayer took the Hall H stage to unveil a first look at their new movie Bright, a sci-fi fantasy pic coming to Netflix. "What's up Hall H? This is Netflix's house," Ayer said, greeting the crowd. He ushered in the Bright trailer with four simple words: "Check this s— out."

Featuring a scene where Smith uses a broom like a baseball bat to kill a fairy, moments that seem to promise pure sci-fi terror, and a world where humans are the outsiders, this initial sneak peek at Bright seems to be enough to rouse interest in a fair few film fans. 

The film, written by Chronicle scribe Max Landis, centers around two law enforcement officers: a human (Smith) and a cheeky Orc (Joel Edgerton), whose physical and social differences don't matter when they're forced to outrun (and outsmart) cops, criminals, and "an assorted coterie of supernatural beings in order to protect a magical wand" (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

Ayer, known for his work on Suicide Squad, said of the film, "This ain't no bulls— PG-13 studio movie. This is real s—. I was able to do my thing."

Smith echoed similar sentiments, only after giving the Bright cast some high fives and panel moderator Terry Crews a hug. The actor stated that the film carries with it a narrative that's inspired by modern-day social issues, which he said creates ""a beautiful snapshot of our world without hammering it too much" (via THR). Smith also joked about his fairy-bashing scene: "It was really great to be an African-American police officer who found someone to be racist against."

Similarly, Edgerton made a quip about what it was like becoming an Orc for the film. The actor, who made his directorial debut a few years ago with the psychological thriller The Gift, said he didn't turn very many heads during shooting. "Nobody cared that a monster was driving a car in L.A.," he said. "Everyone was like, 'Will! Hey, Will!'"

Netflix nabbing the ambitious, star-studded project was an impressive move for Netflix, and Ayer stated he believes it's the beginning of a trend for the streaming service. "Netflix is going to pull a lot of talent because they are so supportive," he said. 

Bright is set to debut on December 22, leaving you lots of time to catch the best films currently streaming on Netflix.