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The Black Clover Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Black Clover" features fantastical world building, sleek animation, and some of the most epic anime fights of the decade. But it's the series' endearing and multifaceted characters that are the true draw. From fiery Asta to aloof Noelle Silva, the heroes, villains, rulers, and warriors of "Black Clover" are a truly fascinating bunch. They embark upon a wide variety of journeys over the course of the series, which come together to form a complex network of storytelling. Even those figures who don't get much in the way of screen time, like lovable prankster Zora, manage to leave a lasting impression. No wonder fans can barely contain their excitement for the upcoming "Black Clover" movie.

Fans love characters for a number of reasons, but oftentimes, it's a matter of personal identification. Sure, none of us are magic-wielding members of the nobility like so many "Black Clover" characters, but we can all see ourselves in their fictional struggles. The zodiac offers a similar path to self-understanding, through the qualities ascribed to the astrological signs. What do you get when you combine the stars with this high-octane anime? We're here to find out. Read on to discover which "Black Clover" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Mars

Aquarius folks are aloof, stoic, visionary, and smart. Rebellious Mars is an ideal fit for this sign. As one of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals, his intellect is on full display. He's particularly prone to single-minded thinking in the name of what he believes is right, which can come across as cold. Aquarians often leave people with this first impression, being less concerned with what others think of them than their own goals. They also don't like being told what to do by higher authorities, which explains why Mars often works alone. This sign prefers to do something themselves than deal with external interference.

Mars' troubled past and fleeting moments of deep emotion highlight Aquarius' hidden need for connection. This sign struggles with this need, in part because they have a major stubborn streak. We see this whenever Mars launches an attack or finds it difficult to hold onto friends. Displays of affection can be few and far between — this makes Mars' emotional outbursts to Fana all the more special. Despite needing plenty of time on their own, Aquarius is out to change the world, just like Mars has a promise to fulfill for the greater good of the kingdom.

Pisces: Mimosa Vermillion

Pisces has a gentle and compassionate nature, much like generous Mimosa. Defined by incredibly selfless emotional depth, Mimosa takes a different path from most other nobles by seeing all members of the community as her equals. Often drawn to the more romantic side of life, her well-known crush on Asta fits this water sign's heartfelt disposition.

Such warmth is a strength, but it can also be Pisces' biggest weakness. Their caring nature is often the gateway to letting themselves get hurt: They'll feel other people's pain before they feel their own. Mimosa can be a bit too innocent for her own good, and her gentle attitude towards those around her often keeps her from putting herself first in a healthy and necessary way. Pisces also has a natural dislike of know-it-alls, which means even sweet Mimosa can deliver a cutting remark or two — but only to people who truly deserve it. Otherwise, she tends to stay away from the heat of battle, as her Piscean intuition makes her reluctant to seek out conflict.

Aries: Asta

Aries folks are born to lead a crowd, and Magic Knight Asta is a fitting example. The main protagonist of "Black Clover" and one of the most popular male anime characters around, viewers follow him from his beginnings as an abandoned orphan into his life as a cheerful and hyperactive fighter who's ready for anything. Those born under this sign are naturally fierce warriors, often defined by steely determination. Whether he's facing down one of his allies or even the Devil himself, Asta remains a staunch fighter, eager to take on good competition until the very end.

As a fire sign, Aries can be hot-headed. Oftentimes, they're overcome with an anger they can't totally explain. Though this is present in Asta's need to fight, it can also be seen in his need to make his enemies accountable for their actions. When he imprisons Neige and forces Ladros to apologize, he embodies Aries' tendency to be too ruthless for their own good. That being said, Asta is clearly a fine example of this sign's self-starting tendencies. His mixture of fearlessness and honesty allows him to put a plan into action at a moment's notice.

Taurus: Finesse Calmreich

Taurus is defined by steadfastness, loyalty, and humility, just like Finesse Calmreich. There's a regal quality to this earth sign, which fits Finesse's status as a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom. Capable of entering any situation with grace and deftness, Finesse is exceptionally skilled at navigating sticky situations where the need to be polite is extremely important.

Taurus can always be trusted to be dependable, to the point that they almost seem free of fatigue. But sometimes, their attachment to routine can do more harm than good. Viewers rarely see Finesse unless she's by the bedside of a sickly relative, or moving under the watchful eye of her betrothed, Langris. This is theoretically fine, but such rigid adherence to schedule can keep her, and so many Taureans, from exploring other opportunities. Sometimes, this resolute stick-to-itiveness even drags her into other people's business. Luckily, Finesse also shares Taurus' legendary love of comfort, and can frequently be found on a cozy chair, easing the pains of daily life.

Gemini: Noelle Silva

Curious and quick-witted, Geminis often seem allergic to commitment. Noelle certainly fits the description — but her adaptable nature is, in fact, a positive. It sees her blossom into a truly kind person, bolstered by an overwhelming need to protect those around her. Though she can seem arrogant, Noelle becomes capable of genuine modesty, even adorned in her mother's Valkyrie armor. It's all thanks to her mutable Gemini nature.

Noelle's lack of control over her magic means she can come off as indecisive, especially since her shortcomings have been pointed out from a young age. Furthermore, she's reluctant to trust others and even herself, potentially making her an unreliable ally. Geminis are indeed known for blowing hot and cold, which contributes to the infamous "two-faced" stereotype. Noelle falls right into this caricature, especially when she tries to find somebody else to blame her mistakes on, or works overtime to keep her feelings for Asta hidden away. But Geminis aren't entirely flaky. They just need some room to grow — which, luckily, Noelle gets.

Cancer: Yami Sukehiro

Cancer is known for being passionate and loving, as well as maintaining a mysteriously moody side to their personality. As First Captain of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of Magic Knights, Yami is the perfect Cancer — especially when it comes to the sign's vindictive streak. Boasting an overbearing physique he almost constantly thrusts into battle, Yami is deeply protective and stoic about duty, as so many Cancers are. This conviction allows him to be continuously full of courage — but it can also push him to go too far.

Cancer has an overwhelming need to be loved. If they feel their needs aren't being met, they develop a thick emotional armor, which can make them seem aloof and even cruel. Yami, who favors a tough love approach, often comes off this way. But his rough backstory reveals the deep reasons for his behavior, and why he always remains loyal. Cancer's deepest sensitivities tend to emerge in this unexpected manner: They conceal their past, are easily angered by small things, or find humor in dire situations.  But with enough space and love, they can flourish.

Leo: Fuegoleon Vermillion

Quite literally living up to his namesake, feisty Fuegoleon is a classic Leo. The first son of House Vermillion, he lives life to the fullest and is widely known for his undeniable charisma. Often seen in the midst of battle surrounded by swirling fire, Fuegoleon's ferocity is fueled by pride and a deep desire to become stronger. He loves being part of the most powerful squad around, and will definitely make sure everyone knows it. Leos don't believe in modesty for the sake of modesty. Why shouldn't everyone know how great they are?

As you might expect, a big ego can sometimes get in the way of a Leo's strengths, leaving Fugeoleon open to criticism he can't always handle. This fire sign also has a tendency to be over-dramatic and self-absorbed, evident in Fuegoleon's intense desire to be eternally right. When he's fully honest with himself, however, he becomes more fragile, particularly regarding anything that concerns his family. Leos love  themselves, but they love their inner circle just as deeply. This, combined with their honesty, courage, and unabashed audacity makes Leos like Fuegoleon natural leaders.

Virgo: Charlotte Roselei

If Virgo can be defined in one word, it's "practical" — and that's exactly what Charlotte is. Captain of the Clover Kingdom's Blue Rose squad, she's incredibly controlled and composed, eternally ready to deal with things without emotional attachment. Systematic in their approach, Virgos are thoughtful, analytical, and keep clear heads in a crisis. This is key to their sense of self: Charlotte, for example, considers her duty to be her number-one responsibility and defining attribute.

While Virgos often appear to be gentle and kind, they can also display fierce emotion when they feel moved to do so. Yet even in this, they are eternally meticulous: Though Charlotte eventually confesses her feelings for Yami, she only shares precisely as much as she is willing to at that moment in time. This makes her a bit of a hilarious match for Yami, who, as a Cancer, is also hesitant to make the first move. Her admiration for others always shines through, however, even if her first instinct is to remain indifferent. Virgos keep to themselves, but they always get where they're meant to be eventually.

Libra: Vanessa Enoteca

A classic extrovert, Vanessa is the clear favorite for the Libra slot. Guided by her relaxed personality, she always does things her own way, even if it means moving her opponents into anti-magic traps. But she's not a loner rebel, like Aquarius — like most Libras, she's incredibly social. Vanessa loves parties, even when they get wild, because she understands the importance of maintaining good connections with other people. Libras are deeply focused on those around them, and continuously seek opportunities to create harmony. This means Vanessa can easily see the fun side of life, whether it comes from a raucous shindig, a bout of swimsuit shopping, or flirting with both Yami and Asta.

When Vanessa chooses to relax, she relaxes hard. At the risk of burning herself out, she fully retreats into her lazier side, drinking and sleeping with total abandon. Like many Libras, this can make her appear flaky. She avoids committing herself to anything concrete, and remains indecisive when she has too many choices. Libras must work hard to develop strong internal convictions, to avoid being paralyzed in this way. Nevertheless, Vanessa's actions are always genuine, and she stays admirably sensitive to others' needs, regardless of the drama that might surround them.

Scorpio: Luck Voltia

Scorpios are often misunderstood. Enigmatic Luck ticks that zodiacal box nicely. This strange fighter's obsession with victory and apparent inability to feel anything but joy make him seem odd, to say the least. He's also conniving, which is another classic Scorpio trait; this sign is always looking to show off their venomous sting. But Scorpio's charm is also difficult to resist, even when they're known to be a bit of a troublemaker. Sometimes, that even deepens the alluring sense of mystery that surrounds them. Scorpios don't love company, though. Luck, who has been incredibly independent from a young age, is a great example of this tendency. With the right allies, however, he works well on a team.

Like so many born under this sign, Luck has a vast amount of bottled-up emotion inside him, which can turn into darkness. Solidly earning his reputation as the "Smiling Battle Maniac," he easily proposes horrific ideas without any apparent concern. This is right in line with the Scorpio personality, which can appear to be unapproachable and intimidating before you get to know them. Still, Luck loves to have fun — even if it means annoying those around him.

Sagittarius: Julius Novachrono

Known for his obsession with magic, Julius' wide-eyed curiosity makes him a total Sagittarius. Energetic, idealistic, and boasting a childish sense of fun, he sets out to explore all that has yet to be discovered. Julius already has a great deal of knowledge, but a Sagittarius' desire to know all that can be known knows no limits. This sign is a natural explorer, in both the intellectual and physical senses. Indeed, Julius' efforts to defend the kingdom take him on adventures very few others can even dream of.

Like many Sagittarians, Julius can be flighty and disorganized, putting a strain on the high-ranking knights around him. He also tends to leave loose ends untied for other people to deal with, and has a wickedly stubborn streak. Even when things don't go the way they should, however, his heart is always in the right place. A Sagittarius'  deep love of home, community, and knowledge always shows up when it matters most.

Capricorn: Klaus Lunettes

With a practical and disciplined disposition that can come across as uptight, Klaus embodies the maturity Capricorns are known for. These hard-working folks can seem judgmental — and sometimes, that's an accurate estimation. Klaus regularly sizes people up through his sharp glasses in an undeniably condescending way. It's no surprise he easily becomes pessimistic. But Capricorns are simply dedicated to getting the job done, and know when other people aren't doing their fair share. When they are, they can be fiercely loyal in return, as Klaus is.

Like other Capricorns, Klaus' biggest strength is his ability to act as the voice of reason. Klaus also takes his standing in life seriously, maintaining an ironclad sense of responsibility and respect towards those of higher rank. His judgement is appreciated and highly sought-after for these reasons. Capricorns are indeed known for having wisdom beyond their years and the honesty to put it into words. No matter the circumstance, Klaus will tell things as he sees them.