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Bob's Burger Fans Have The Perfect Picks For Live-Action Fischoeder Brothers

"Bob's Burgers" is an animated series that has entranced audiences with its charming wit and a surprisingly supportive family environment since 2011, which is hilarious, considering how it was almost a cartoon about cannibalism.  Either that transition is far easier to make than anyone could have anticipated, or the writing team behind the show are an elite force of geniuses. Given that "Bob's Burgers" has, again, lasted for over a decade, the latter option seems more likely. In recent months, the cartoon made the impressive transition into cinemas with "The Bob's Burgers Movie," which opened the Belcher family up to an even wider fanbase.

Now, the only territory left unexplored is for "Bob's Burgers" to crank out a live-action iteration. Aside from the movie trailer, which made everyone think it would be about aliens, most of the Belcher's adventures are easy enough to recreate with real people. The only question, then, is who should be cast? Fortunately, some fans are already exploring that answer.

Some fans want Henry Winkler and Drew Carey to play the Fischoeder brothers

In an old post on a subreddit dedicated to the animated series, aldejekyll said, "if Bob's Burgers ever did a live action, the Fischoeder brothers need to be played by Henry Winkler and Drew Carey." The statement was accompanied by a picture of the two brothers and the two actors side by side. Based solely on those visuals, the poster seemed to make a solid point. Winkler, a man still best known for his time living above a someone else's garage, looked exactly like Mr. Fischoeder, minus the eye patch, of course. For his part, Carey was a dead ringer for Felix, too. Both are still active in the performance industry, with Winkler appearing the widely acclaimed HBO Max original series "Barry" and Carey still actively hosting "The Price Is Right," so it's not unreasonable to toss their names into the hat for this totally theoretical live action concept.

Except, well, that post was made over four years ago, and even then, the information provided therein was a bit out of date. As noted by Conchobair, "Drew Carey looks nothing like this now." He then linked a more current picture of the TV show host, who had slimmed down considerably. Could he still act it? Sure. He even proved he had some decent singing chops during his time with Disney's live action "Gepetto," so the musical aspect of "Bob's Burgers" would also be within his abilities, but the whole point of the post was to compare visual similarities. So, at least on that front, the notion was something of a bust.

The original voice actors would probably fit even better

To that end, Winkler could be seen as a mistake, too, because, as Alfreds-Lightsaber observed, "I think the actual voice actors would be dead on. Kevin Kline and Zach Galifianakis?" Now, it's fairly commonplace for fans to request original actors to return to a project, no matter what medium it's converted into. These kind of dreams don't usually amount to anything other than a few signatures on an internet petition and a handful of articles that disappear at the same time as the social buzz, but this particular opinion might be onto something. Seriously, Kevin Kline, who's been with "Bob's Burgers" since the beginning, not only has the Mr. Fischoeder voice down (it'd be weird if he didn't by now), but he also looks like the character at this point. Look at that perfectly blank face and try to deny it.

And it's two for two with Zack Galifianakis, who voices Felix. Dye his hair blonde, give him a quick shave, and he is Felix. Both have extensive live action film experience, with Kline appearing in blockbusters such as "Beauty And The Beast," and Galifianakis appearing in the "Hangover" trilogy. These titles barely scratch the surface of their respective bodies of work, but it's enough to say that, should "Bob's Burgers" ever get the live action treatment, they're the obvious selections for the Fischoeder brothers. Actually? No. They're the only selections.