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The Dizzying Morbius Detail That Marvel Fans Just Can't Figure Out

Is it really Morbin' Time? On April 1, Jared Leto made his Spider-Verse debut as Sony's living vampire in the film "Morbius," and while the film topped the box office in its first week of release, it quickly took a nosedive. The film's second week saw a whopping 74% drop at the box office, a record for major superhero films, per Forbes. The box office flop sparked a slew of internet memes that sarcastically joked "Morbius" would fall under cinematic masterpieces like "Schindler's List" and "The Godfather." Internet pranksters even came up with a fake "Morbius" catchphrase that Leto couldn't help but to poke fun at. With all of the internet chatter, Sony had the bright idea to rerelease the film in select theaters, which led to a second flop at the box office. It looks like Sony can't differentiate between sarcasm and real praise.

Fans and critics alike have lots to say about "Morbius" and its many issues. The Daily Beast called it "generic as all hell," while Thrillest said it "just feels underbaked and lame." But there's a particular detail that fans can't seem to wrap their heads around.

Morbius has some major editing issues, according to fans

There are plenty of reasons "Morbius" bombed at the box office... twice. You could blame it on shoddy visual effects or its shallow dive at an origin story. However, a huge complaint among fans is the film's dizzying editing work. Several fans took to Reddit to discuss the glaring issue, including u/yarksir, who pointed out the film started in a flashback, followed by a flash-forward that contained another flashback. They added, "This is one of the most bizarrely edited films ever... None of the scenes even remotely felt like they flowed together." User u/GetReady4Action agreed and replied, "THANK YOU!!!! it felt like I was watching random clips of this movie." Another Redditor, u/mikeyfresh, had some strong words about the editing on "Morbius" and commented, "I don't know if this movie had a s***ty editor or there was just no script and the poor b***ard was trying his best to make something vaguely coherent."

To be fair, "Morbius" was delayed a whopping six times thanks to COVID-19 and reshoots. According to the actor behind Agent Rodriguez in "Morbius," Al Madrigal, that's exactly why the film has such editing issues. "First of all, Morbius: not as bad as everybody is making it out to be. Sure, it had problems and they diced it up quite a bit," Madrigal told ComicBookMovies.com. He went on to say that several jokes of his were cut from the film and added, "They just really ... because of COVID, they just had so much time to mess with it. They really messed with it."