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The Staggering Amount Of Time Netflix Viewers Spent Watching The Man From Toronto's Debut

Ah, Airbnb. Enemy to party goers, the housing market, and now, Woody Harrelson. In his new film "The Man from Toronto," Harrelson and his co-star Kevin Hart are swept up in a case of mistaken identity, piquing the interest of both the FBI and a cadre of deadly assassins — all due to an Airbnb mix-up.

In "The Man from Toronto," Harrelson and Hart play an odd couple for the ages. Hart plays Teddy, a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur seeking a romantic weekend away with his wife. When he shows up at the wrong rental, Teddy is mistaken for the titular man from Toronto, a mysterious and brutal killer played by Harrelson. When the characters finally intersect, their chemistry is palpable, resulting in a mixture of thriller and buddy comedy. It's a formula that has worked for Hart before, who's previously teamed up with Ice Cube in "Ride Along," Dwayne Johnson in "Central Intelligence" and "Jumanji," as well as Will Ferrell in "Get Hard."

More importantly, the partnership between Hart and Harrelson has proven to be a magnet for viewers, who are flocking to Netflix to watch the collaboration in action. Here's the impressive number of hours that subscribers have spent watching "The Man from Toronto" since it hit Netflix on June 24.

Fans have spent over 50 million hours watching The Man from Toronto

It didn't take long for "The Man from Toronto" to climb to first place in Netflix's weekly top ten. Between the film's release on June 24 and June 26, subscribers logged 53,890,000 hours watching Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson team up (via Netflix's Global Top Ten).

"The Man from Toronto" has a sizable leg up over the film in the number two spot, "Spiderhead," which still has a staggering 38 million hours logged. Even though Adam Sandler's "Hustle" is showing longevity with three weeks in the top ten, it has been viewed for about half as many hours as "The Man from Toronto."

Although the critical reception for "The Man from Toronto" has been lukewarm, one reviewer went to bat for Hart's performance. "It's a showcase for one small blessing," wrote Stephanie Zacharek for Time. "The minor modern miracle of Hart's timing." Some fans also came to the film's defense on social media. "It was pretty funny with some decent action scenes," wrote one Reddit user. "I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially being a Netflix movie." U/engineerforaday concurred, comparing "The Man from Toronto" to the comedy thriller "Red," starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. "I liked it ... Thought Woody and Hart had good chemistry as well."