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The Supernatural Scene Where Sam Gave Fans Exactly What They Wanted

With the upcoming prequel series "The Winchesters" on the horizon, there's no doubt plenty of die-hard "Supernatural" fans are gearing up for a rewatch of the beloved drama series. Upon rewatching, it is glaringly apparent just how many times Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) suffers tragic, life-altering events that even fans would say are scenes that go too far.

The accomplished monster hunter has endured gruesome injuries from dozens of supernatural creatures and malevolent beings, losing plenty of loved ones during his eternal fight against evil. Even in the first episode, Sam is forced to relive his mother's murder as the love of his life, Jessica (Adrianne Palicki), is pinned to the ceiling by a demon and burned to death.

Even this event pales in comparison to the ordeal he withstands while trapped in Hell. Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) holds his soul hostage for over a year and subjects him to some of the most inhuman torture one could imagine — so horrific that the show refuses to explain what happened to him entirely. Watching somebody continue fighting for good despite all the pain and injustice they've suffered is incredibly inspiring. It is perhaps why Sam's display of strength enamored so many fans at the beginning of Season 12.

Fans loved Sam's cocky defiance of Toni at the beginning of Season 12

In the first episode of Season 12, Sam Winchester finds himself being horrendously tortured again. This time, it's at the hands of Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore): a member of the monster-hunting group known as the British Men of Letters. No doubt giving a voice to what most of the audience was thinking, Sam calmly tells her, "I've been tortured by the Devil himself. So you, you're just an accent in a pantsuit ... What can you do to me?"

Fans on Reddit loved Sam's defiance in this scene — not only because it showcases how much stronger Sam's ordeal in Hell has made him, but because it displays an edgy side of him that we rarely see. "The first time I watched this, I kept thinking, 'please, please, please don't suddenly become a wuss and let this 'lady' win,' wrote one user. "And then Sam drops this line. Priceless." "I've watched this episode several times just for this scene. I love [this] Sam," echoed another fan.

Others chimed in throughout the thread, agreeing that the scene gave them precisely what they were looking for: a version of Sam who has learned from his past experiences and who openly mocks his opponent for thinking that she could break him.