How Young Sheldon Fans Really Feel About Billy

Sheldon Cooper isn't the most reliable narrator, is he? On "The Big Bang Theory," he led everyone to believe that his father was a heavy drinker who neglected his family. Elsewhere, the eccentric physicist was prone to taking shots at his mother for being a hardline Christian conservative. While it's true that his old man enjoyed a beer and that his mom held strong beliefs, "Young Sheldon" proves that Sheldon's parents weren't as bad as he remembered. The same can be said about Billy, Sheldon's old neighbor, and a supposed childhood bully to the mighty little man.

According to Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory," Billy was a vicious tormentor who made the titular protagonist's formative years a living hell. "Young Sheldon," meanwhile, presents the character in a manner that doesn't correspond with older Sheldon's recollection of him. But how exactly do fans of "Young Sheldon" feel about Billy? Do they think he's a bully, or are they of the opinion that Sheldon has a skewered memory?

Young Sheldon fans love Billy

While one of the earliest episodes of "Young Sheldon" features a scene in which Billy scares Sheldon with a chicken, their relationship has been friendly, for the most part. In fact, it can even be argued that Sheldon is meaner toward Billy as opposed to the other way round. Some fans of "Young Sheldon" believe that Billy is a sweet kid, and he's become a favorite among viewers as a result.

According to a Redditor by the name of u/brassaiblue, Sheldon was wrong about his neighbor. That said, they noted that the pair's relationship could have changed over time. "I'm starting to feel like Sheldon's memories of events is distorted," they wrote. "Maybe George ends up with Billy's mom and that causes issues."

Fellow Reddit user u/malibucat agreed that Billy isn't a bad kid, and even claimed that he's one of the nicer characters on the sitcom. "I love Billy. I smile whenever he shows up. He is simple but very sweet. And he was so polite when George made Sheldon invite him over [to Sheldon's house]."

For other fans, Billy's characterization on "Young Sheldon" took them by surprise. "I have to admit I did not expect him to be a character I would like but I am happy about the way he is portrayed," u/Sleepy_Oboist added.