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Proof That The Boys Fans Are All In On The Same Amazing Social Media Joke

"The Boys" hit the Amazon Prime Video scene back in 2019, offering subscribers a different kind of superhero show. Instead of giving them a glimpse into a world populated by caped do-gooders who do their best to defeat the forces of evil, it presents them with a world where the caped do-gooders are the forces of evil. Thus, it's up to a group of vigilantes known as the Boys to stop them and save as many lives as they can from their gross misuse of their superhuman abilities. That premise got countless viewers behind it in no time at all.

It goes without saying that "The Boys" has become a small screen phenomenon throughout its time on streaming. It's already on the road to a fourth season and continues to prove that it's ripe with spin-off potential, thanks to a fanbase that has come to love its violent, twisted content. After all, it's an intriguing alternative to the more sanitized worlds of Marvel and DC, it showcases a morally complex cast of characters, and it isn't afraid to take things a bit too far in hopes of bringing in more eyes. Not to mention, it provides fans with ways to have fun.

For instance, thanks to one of the biggest strengths of The Boys," the fanbase has been able to cultivate a hilarious social media joke for all to enjoy. Here's the proof.

Boys social media pages are full of folks who act like the show's events are real

Something the minds behind "The Boys" have done really well is use social media to promote the show. From the in-universe Vought International Instagram page to Crimson Countess' (Laurie Holden) music video, the canon of "The Boys" extends far beyond the confines of the series itself. As one could imagine, this hasn't flown under the fan radar, and they've apparently taken this concept to the next level. Redditor u/theblobberworm points out that many folks have taken it upon themselves to play along in the comments, acting as if the events and people these accounts post about exist in the real world.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that this trend might not be all that it seems. It's entirely possible that those in charge of "The Boys" social media pages are doing this themselves or that some of these accounts are bots designed to encourage fan participation. Nevertheless, it's a neat idea and one that other comic book-based film franchises have given a try as well. Marvel Studios, for example, has an in-universe Daily Bugle TikTok account that promoted "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and later "Moribus." However, fans didn't jump on it in quite the same way, especially during the latter campaign.

As "The Boys" continues on and various developments in the story take place, if you're looking for a good laugh, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on its related social media pages.